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On The Road Again (a quick update)

Let me start off by saying that I’m more than aware of how tardy my posting has been of late, and for that I’m sorry!

But let me explain – I’m almost done with my Woodloch review and we (sadly) just got back from Rocking Horse Ranch this week, which is special needs-friendly, kid-friendly and parent-friendly all wrapped into one amazing getaway so there is now another review to add to the ever-growing list. As I type we’re on our way out the door yet again to Sesame Place Day for Children With Autism, followed by the Autism-Friendly performance of Mary Poppins next weekend (I still can’t believe we got tickets!!). So, not a bad excuse for a little disorganization, right?

And what’s your excuse? The Central Park Challenge is only 6 weeks away and I don’t see your name on our team roster… Can’t make it? Do you have a $1 to spare? Can’t run fast? There’s a walk that even my 18 month old will be participating in.

Need more than a guilt trip to inspire you? For more details look up The Foorce on the YAI website ( or see my Top Ten Reasons to Join The Foorce post from last month.

And I promise, this week I’ll be better about posting – just wait and see!

Less Than 60 Days Until The Central Park Challenge – Come Out And Support The Foorce!

Just a reminder that the big day is approaching….

The 2012 Central Park Challenge is on Saturday, June 2ndand The Foorce will be participating for our third consecutive year!

Not sure if this event is “for you?”
The Top Ten Reasons To Join The Foorce 2012:

or if you prefer a more traditional plea, go to our team website at:

We hope to have our biggest team yet this year. This event is incredibly family friendly with events for children as young as 2 (though we strap on an infant for the walk nearly every year) and walkers/runners of ALL ages. Each year we have so much fun and love meeting new people. I strongly encourage you to invite your own family and friends to join us as well! If you are unable to be there but would like to support us you can visit our team website (link above) to make a donation – every dollar is appreciated more than you know. Well wishes, happy thoughts and prayers are also all appreciated 🙂
If you have questions or trouble with the site, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you from all of us for your time, generosity and consideration as we support a cause near and dear to our hearts.
The Searfoorce Family

5 K to run, 4 days ahead, 3 K walk, 2 parks we must be, and a very busy weekend ahead

Okay, before reading on, take a second and sing from “5 golden rings down to the partridge in a pear tree” using the text from the title – makes much more sense now, I know. It was actually pretty easy to figure out but I ran out of character space when I tried the title from 10 drummers drumming so there it is.

Moving on, the weekend ahead is busy enough to be intimidating, but also full of fun stuff. And some not fun stuff. Kicking off with tomorrow’s meeting at James’s school (see my Dirty Laundry post for details).

Followed by the Central Park Challenge on Saturday (see multiple posts or click the link to join, already!) – we surpassed our fundraising goal and have over 20 people on our walk and run teams. Our team name is The Foorce – creative, I know. (At least the last sentence wasn’t a fragment.) In any case, it will be loads of fun but a very early start to the day.

Sunday James is making his confirmation in a special ceremony for disabled people at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Another awesome event, another early morning. Another fragment (it’s late!). Also Sunday is our usual special needs baseball game at Riverside Park.

Monday James will return to class if all goes well tomorrow. Despite my trepidation about the students, the teachers and administration have been nothing but supportive and sympathetic so I am cautiously optimistic that it will be okay.

Tuesday, after I update all of you as to how everything went I plan to sleep for a week! Wait, James has a half day at school…. never mind.


June 4 – Central Park Challenge – join The Foorce!

This is one of my favorite things coming up. Last year was the first year we tried something like this, and being 6 months pregnant with a toddler and a disabled child in tow I was a little nervous. I am so glad we did it – we had an awesome team and the whole day was really fun. Some of us did the run (NOT me) and another group of us did the walk, which started shortly afterward. There was also a child area with races, games, and face painting, and lots of free giveaways. Seeing so many people gather for the same cause was truly touching and motivating.

This year we are hoping to have an even bigger team – it looks like at least 15 of us so far. The event is open to ALL ages – my 6 month old, 2 yr old and 10 yr old will all be joining us in the walk. I hope you will consider walking or running with us – it’s exercise while supporting a truly worthy cause, a great way to start off any Saturday. Here is our team page – – scroll down until you see the list of team members and click Join Team to join us. The more the merrier! Or, if you can’t be there but would like to support or efforts, there is a Support The Foorce button too. Any donation, even $1, makes a difference toward our goal!

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