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WSSL VIP Division Seeking High School Volunteers

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment
Passing along an important message from Jim Karpe:
We are reaching out to seek high school students interested in the rewards and challenge of helping out in the Special Needs children of the VIP division.  We have about six dozen children of varying abilities and disabilities.  A lot of children on the autism spectrum or with attention deficit–or both.  Also a fair number with low ability, but with a lot of enthusiasm.  Coaching in VIP is a bit different from the rest of the West Side Soccer League.  On the postive side, our parents and kids will be infinitely grateful, and will help in any way they can.  The pressures are low– no crazy parents on the side lines demanding that you put their son in as center forward.  Instead, parents that are grateful to see their child engaging in anything that resembles a team sport.

And the challenges are intense.  It requires imagination and presence of mind to engage these children, and a great deal of patience to re-engage them when they get distracted by a butterfly, or the feel of grass on their hand, or just their own random thoughts.  

In my estimate, the rewards far out-pace the negatives.  A child who was barely aware of the ball at the start of the season, will at the end of the season will watch them take the ball down to the goal and score.  Their joy, and their parent’s joy, will be palpable.  Oscar Mack and Jim Karpe and the other coach-parents will be there to assist the high school buddies each Sunday.

We meet at the “A1&A2” fields on Sunday at 10 AM for the younger players (under 9) and at 11:30 for the older players.  Please let us know if you are interested in participating in our division.  Email or call 516 655 2713.  

Or if they want, the students can just come out on Sunday the 18th at 10AM to see what we all look like.  Just be forewarned that on that first Sunday we are having everyone come down at the same time, and there will be barely contained chaos as we organize into teams, hand out uniforms, and organize some scrimmage games.

WSSL VIP (Special Needs) Division Starts September 18: Info and FAQs

September 13, 2011 2 comments

Another reason to love Fall is soccer in Central Park! West Side Soccer League VIP Division starts this weekend and I for one am looking forward to spending beautiful Sunday afternoons in Central Park while my kids burn off some energy (plenty of space nearby fields for siblings to run around). It’s not too late to join – the VIP Division is really good about trying to fit everyone onto an appropriate team (see #3 below). Below are some FAQs about the first week including location and schedule info. Hope to see you there!

WSSL VIP Division – Week 1 Q&A

Welcome!!!  Soccer starts this Sunday!  I hope everyone is as excited as I am.  

1.  Location

We play in the North Meadow/Central Park  to the B fields (Ultimate Frisbee)
Fields B1 and B2.  We are closers to the west side than East.

2.  Time

Week 1 – all players need to arrive at 10:00

After week, Rising Stars  at 10:00
                 Juniors/Seniors  play at 11:30

We will separate Rising Stars and Juniors/Seniors by age and ability.  Generally speaking the split will be kids born before/after 2002.

3.  Kids who want to play will play

We will continue to engage any family that wants to play.  
If a family is assigned to the wrong division, we can get that squared away Week 1. 
 I already sent a note to people who were in VIP, to help identify families that
 were in our division by mistake.  There were six. 

4.  Uniform Issues

We ALWAYS have uniform issues the first day.  There are never enough in the correct sizes, so most
of the first day is spent getting information for re-order.  A uniform is:

– Jersey
– Shorts
– Socks
– Shinguards

Spiked shoes are not allowed on the North Meadow.


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