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Top Ten: Things My Toddler “Destroyed” Today

Even though I start them all the time, I haven’t had the time to finish a Top Ten in a long while. This evening I was finally working on one while the kids were occupied (or so I thought) when James came up and started reading over my shoulder.

James: The Central Park Challenge?

Me: Yep, it’s almost here again.

James: You should do a Top Ten Things Adam Destroyed.

Me (laughing): No kidding – I bet you could write it for me.

James: He has your makeup in the bathroom.

Me (not laughing): Dammit!

After I finished cleaning up the lipstick/foundation mural and issuing yet another timeout, I came back down to save my draft and had a much needed chuckle as I read the last line on the screen:

Adam destroyed moms makeup eggs box of wipes pirates booty two bags and pudding today.

Well, that was easy. Could I come up with five more and actually finish a Top Ten? Unfortunately, the answer was YES.
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