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Top Ten: Teeny Tiny Version (so you won’t miss a word)

March 27, 2012 2 comments

After a couple of massive Top Tens I’ve decided to change pace this week. Tonight I am going to share with you the Top Ten Words exchanged with each of my children today, for a grand total of 30 words. Don’t worry, they are worth their weight in gold.

1. James: “Ow, you just stointed me!” Me: “What?!” James: “You stointed me! With that!” (pointing to a lego I accidentally hit his leg with).

2. Margaret: “There’s a ghost on the ceiling and I’m peeyouing him!”

3. Adam: “Whatcha dooning? (you really have to hear this one for full cuteness)” Me: “Cleaning. What are you dooning?” Adam: “Just peeyouing ghosts.”

FYI, “peeyouing” is the present progressive tense of “peeyou,” aka the sound a ghost gun makes. I still have no idea what “stointed” means.

Top Ten (or so): Things That Have Been Said When It’s Been “One Of Those Days”

I think these are probably better left unexplained. Despite what it looks like, it wasn’t a terrible night – just “one of those days.” From about 6:00pm on.

1. Me: Run out of this room right now and don’t stop until you get to time out. That is not fast enough!

2. M (my 3 yr old): I’m going to hit the ghost with this oven mitt. Come on! A (cackling madly): Spooky ghost!!!

3. M (Coming out of James’s room): I said sorry for hitting James. Do I have to go to time out?

4. A (my 16 month old): I put it in the garbage. Me: What in the garbage? A: I put it in the garbage. Me: What?! Show me!

5. M: I don’t want to put my baby in the garbage. Me: Well, that’s what happens when you’re too rough and her head falls off.

6. Me (to Adam, who has just rescued his apple. From the recycling bin): You bring that apple back here right now. Hey! Right now!

7. Me: You didn’t eat your soup. James: I’m done – I’m sooooo full. Me: There’s white rice in it. J: Oh, okay (resumes eating).

8. M: Am I so cute? Holding a wet pair of keys, a handful of wipes and two wet barbies. Wearing a baseball cap, a tutu, a backpack and “glass slippers.” With socks.

9. M (tearfully): Can we please go to the grocery store, mom, and buy a brand new baby Toby? Please, mom!

10. Me: Where did you find that banana? A: On the train table. Me: Fine.

11. M: You tickle me and I’ll watch, ok?

12. Me (to M): I’m going to count to 3 and you’re in time out – 2…… James: You forgot 1. Me: No I said “count 2-3.” James: Good one, Mom.

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