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Top Ten: Reasons I Said “Dammit” In Front Of My Kids

December 5, 2012 Leave a comment

So I was working on a Top Ten holiday activities post but what the heck, I’m calling myself out. Swearing, even if it’s “just dammit,” seems more offensive to me during the holiday season, the epitome of anti-merry. Or perhaps Pepper Minstix (our elf on the shelf) is starting to get to me a little bit.

But whatever the reason, the frustration I’m already feeling whenever “dammit” bursts from my lips is only compounded by the fact that I lost my cool, and cursed, in front of one or more of my children. So as an early Christmas present to them, and myself, I’m going to redouble my efforts.

I announced that I was going to stop saying the “D-word” at dinner last night in an effort to be extra good for Christmas. Margaret responded, “I’m going to try not to go into James’s room and tease him.” James followed up with, “I’m going to try to sleep better (and he was only up 5 times last night).”  Adam chirped up. “I didn’t poop.” He needed a change.

I need a change too. But it won’t be easy – here are the Top Ten Reasons I Said Dammit in front of my kids yesterday (ten times, I know):

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Top Ten (or so): Things That Have Been Said When It’s Been “One Of Those Days”

I think these are probably better left unexplained. Despite what it looks like, it wasn’t a terrible night – just “one of those days.” From about 6:00pm on.

1. Me: Run out of this room right now and don’t stop until you get to time out. That is not fast enough!

2. M (my 3 yr old): I’m going to hit the ghost with this oven mitt. Come on! A (cackling madly): Spooky ghost!!!

3. M (Coming out of James’s room): I said sorry for hitting James. Do I have to go to time out?

4. A (my 16 month old): I put it in the garbage. Me: What in the garbage? A: I put it in the garbage. Me: What?! Show me!

5. M: I don’t want to put my baby in the garbage. Me: Well, that’s what happens when you’re too rough and her head falls off.

6. Me (to Adam, who has just rescued his apple. From the recycling bin): You bring that apple back here right now. Hey! Right now!

7. Me: You didn’t eat your soup. James: I’m done – I’m sooooo full. Me: There’s white rice in it. J: Oh, okay (resumes eating).

8. M: Am I so cute? Holding a wet pair of keys, a handful of wipes and two wet barbies. Wearing a baseball cap, a tutu, a backpack and “glass slippers.” With socks.

9. M (tearfully): Can we please go to the grocery store, mom, and buy a brand new baby Toby? Please, mom!

10. Me: Where did you find that banana? A: On the train table. Me: Fine.

11. M: You tickle me and I’ll watch, ok?

12. Me (to M): I’m going to count to 3 and you’re in time out – 2…… James: You forgot 1. Me: No I said “count 2-3.” James: Good one, Mom.

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