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Tonight’s Feature: Bike Camp Madness, Starring James, Brought To You By Jake-the-bike-technician

I just wanted to share a very special moment in an otherwise challenging week at bike camp.

Amy and Jake (the one sitting behind James) have been supportive and encouraging, and the camp has been good so far aside from a shortage of much-needed volunteers. But, it is hard not to feel disappointed and frustrated for James, who as usual, works ever-so-much-harder than everyone else (including other special needs kids in this case) to try to do something most of us take for granted. He continues to fall off of the adaptive bike (a roller bike) and he continues to get up, brush himself off and get back on. It’s painful and inspiring to watch at the same time.

My personal feeling is that James has paid for the privilege of riding the damned two-wheel bike in perseverance alone, not to mention the bruises. Will he ever get a break?

But the week’s not over yet and if he hasn’t given up, well neither have I.

Go James go!

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