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Monday Minute: And They Say New Yorkers Are Rude

Sometimes it’s James who sets the example for the rest of us. Fellow New Yorkers, tell me the last time you had a conversation like this with your taxi driver.


James is in italics, Taxi Driver and I are in bold.

103 and West End please.

Cabbie: 103?

Yes, west 103rd.

Hello! How are you? It is cold out tonight, isn’t it?

No response.

Sure is cold.

No response.


Okay, James, enough.

Wow, you’re really speeding by these slow cars! Do you like spooky tunnels? James, talk to your brother. Hey look here’s another spooky tunnel! Wooooooooo. Bye park! Say bye! (exiting central park)

Just up here on the corner please. Okay guys, get out and wait for me on the sidewalk while I pay.

Thanks for the ride. Good job driving!

Cabbie: Thanks man.

Have a good night!

Cabbie: You too.

Thanks! Margaret, say thanks for the ride. (Margaret) Thanks! (James, still sitting in his seatbelt) Thank you!

Okay, guys, please get out of the cab – I have to pay.

(cabbie snickering up front)

Sorry about that.

Cabbie: Are you kidding? Your son is the most polite rider I’ve had all day. 

Oh, well, thanks. Good night.

Cabbie: Yeah, you too.