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Top Ten: Things Our Christmas Tree Probably Wanted to Know Before Moving In

December 19, 2013 Leave a comment
not our tree

Not our tree.

1. There’s only time to water you once a day. Trust me, I understand what it feels like to want a drink around 6pm, but take it easy.

2. Try not to feel embarrassed about the eyes and mouth we made for you. Ever since Adam found out about the drinking water thing he knows you’re still alive. And if you’re alive you obviously have to have eyes and a mouth so Margaret can tell if you’re awake or asleep. Duh. Read more…

Monday Minute: Another Instance of James Traumatizing NYC Subway Riders

subwayHonestly, whenever I write a Monday Minute that involves the subway I think to myself, well, it likely won’t get any crazier than this, which is usually about the time I’m proven 100% wrong. But I really think that this time, it can’t get any crazier than this.

For full effect, I’ll skip an intro on this one except to suggest that you pretend you’re sitting next to James on the crowded subway, who is returning home from another fantastic DMF concert. It’s around 6:30PM. Past dinner, past medication time, past reason. Read more…

Monday Minute: The Red Feather

This morning on the way up to brush teeth James came across a red craft feather on the stairs, likely from one of Adam’s secretive and destructive treks across the house.

James: Look, a red feather!

Me: Wow, very pretty.

James: I can write with this today (holds feather up like a quill).

Me: Like in Harry Potter?

James: Yeah, see? (proceeds to “write” on the bathroom counter)

Me: Pretty cool. Where do you think it came from? Read more…

Monday Minute: James Survives Another Birthday Party

February 28, 2013 3 comments

Tip: Don't fill your pinata with chocolate or it will end up waaaaayyyy too heavy to hang anywhere.My dear daughter turned four this past weekend. 4! It always amazes me how four years have passed so quickly while one Monday can take forever (seriously, I know it’s Thursday but I started this on Monday). And apparently James had the same feelings about Margaret’s birthday party. While we would never dare decorate with balloons, this year’s festivities included a homemade pinata (which once upon a time contained a balloon and is therefore on the list of phobias) and the ever-endearing-but-just-out-of-tune-enough-to-make-James-hide-and-cry-somewhere birthday song.

And James doesn’t just hide and cry during Happy Birthday. He’s been around the block enough times by now to fret in anticipation of the tune for the entire day leading up to the big event, and then during the party until the song is over. He also made himself scarce when everyone went downstairs to gleefully beat the crap out of the pinata – you know, the one it took a week to build and ten minutes to destroy. His nervous behavior is expected by now, and we let him deal with it how he sees fit on a party-by-party basis – some go more smoothly than others. We let him know when it’s time for each event and invite him to join us, but don’t make him. And in general he doesn’t. But this year, James’s mood didn’t automatically improve after the song was over.

When I went up to tuck him into bed I found him pretending to browse through his favorite Sonic the Hedgehog comic with an almost comically worried look on his face. Read more…

New stories on the Water Cooler

September 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Make sure to entertain yourself (at my expense) by occasionally clicking on the Water Cooler tab.

New Posts On The Water Cooler

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Do You Know What Dragged Means?

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Monday Minute: James Got Punched In The Chest By A Raptor

If only to further demonstrate why special needs sports teams (and dad as coach) are so important to James:

James is in italics, my responses are in bold.


Mom I have to tell you something.

What is it? Can you wait for one second? (I’m brushing James’s teeth at the moment, but James remains undeterred.)

Something happened yesterday.


I got punched in the chest, like this. (punches himself in the chest with one fist, like half of a gorilla)

Punched in the chest? Where?

At baseball.

What? What happened? 

A Raptor punched me in the chest, like this. (punches himself again for full effect)

A Raptor?

Yeah, not a Grizzly. He was on the other team.

Why would they do that?

I don’t know.

Did you get upset?

(frowns) Yeah, a little.

Did you tell an adult or another coach?


You should always tell if someone hurts you, James. Dad is the coach – you can always tell him, at least.

(approaching Ryan a few minutes later, who is brushing his own teeth)

Hey, did you know James was punched in the chest yesterday by some kid on the Raptors?

Ryan: (pauses, sighs) He was tagged out.




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