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Monday Minute: An Itchy Morning

Without exaggerating in any way, James basically didn’t stop talking today, so finding the right minute to post was both difficult and bizarre (and only possible once he was asleep and done talking).


James is in italics, my responses are in bold.

It’s a beautiful day!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to walk you to school, huh? How did you like the farm this weekend?

My bookbag is itching my back.


My bookbag is itching me.

(Scratching James’s back briefly) Is that better?


So did you like the farm? What was your favorite part? 

Ummmm…. it’s itching again (shrugging his shoulders around in his backpack). Man, my bookbag is itchy today.

Itchy? Honey, you have 2 shirts and a jacket on, maybe it’s sweat because you’re hot. (Scratching his back again) Is that better?

Yeah. But it’s still itching.

We can’t keep stopping or we’re going to be late. Come on, you can take it off as soon as we get to school.

Okay. ugh…. (jumping around dramatically because of apparent itching)

Come on, James, we have to keep moving. Do you want to take off your jacket? I can hold your backpack.

Okay, thanks.

(taking backpack from James) Okay, take off your jacket.

No thanks, that’s better.

Oh. So you want me to hold your backpack until we get to school?

Sure, thanks mom! Is it itching you?


Good. So it’s very nice of you to hold my bookbag for me.

You’re welcome.



But you know that bookbag is mine, right?


It’s mine, you’ll have to give it back when we get to school.

Okay, got it.

Success! Well, kind of…. Okay, not really

I did it, through sheer determination, a lot of silent cursing and no small amount of sweat and tears (some mine, some the kids). I got through to BronxCare Dental! Hooray! I don’t know how many phone calls (more than 25) or exactly how many hours (more than 6) but this last time, after a mere 15 minute wait, I finally reached a very pleasant young lady who apologized for the ordeal I went through (see my previous post on MLK Health Center).

As I suspected, it took her less than 2 minutes to reschedule us.

For 2 months from now.

It’s disgusting that I feel like not taking James on vacation so that we can keep our original appointment.

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