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Give Thanks For Your Child With Special Needs

512px-Turkey_Balloon_Animal CLICK HERE to participate in a touching tribute to special needs children as Thanksgiving approaches. Even if you don’t have a special needs child, the site is worth visiting for a good read and a little perspective to kick off the holiday season!

(More) Special Poems, Stories and Messages for Special Needs Mothers

Monday Minute: Why James Will Never Be A Spy, Can Not Tell A Lie, and Lost Youtube Again

James "sneaks" youtube Me: James, what are you doing?

James: Nothing.

Me: Are you watching youtube on the old ipod?

James: (pause while he adjusts volume) No.

Me: I can still hear it.

James: Oh.

Me: And I can see you.


James: (long pause while he turns it off, the softly): Darn it.

Me: I can still hear you.

James: Mom!

A Thank You Video Tribute For Special Needs Moms

It might just be my pregnancy hormones, but make sure you have a tissue handy for this touching video.

Click on this link to watch “A Tribute To Special Needs Moms” now. It runs about 4 minutes but will make you feel good about yourself for much longer than that.