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First Summer Meetup of The Foorce is tomorrow – NEW LOCATION (due to heat)

Our first get together is supposed to be tomorrow from 1-3pm at the Hudson Beach (103rd and Riverside), but the heat has been ridiculous lately and the Hudson Beach is not known for its shade (or sprinklers). So I am proposing a location change to the nearby Dinosaur Playground at 97th and Riverside Dr. It has shade, sand, a big and little kid playground, and sprinklers.

You can email me with questions until 12pm tomorrow. I will be there after 1:00 with all 3 kids and some freshly baked cookies to share. If the kids aren’t enough of a giveaway look for a very long braid on a hot, sweaty, pregnant woman.

Hope to see you there!

New Meetup Group: NYC ADD/ADHD Superstar Kids!

NYC ADD/ADHD Superstar Kids!

Organized by:

Check it out! →

This group is to join parents and children of NYC together that are dealing with ADD/ADHD. This forum will be used to discuss how we live our lives with children of ADD/ADHD and other facets of our children’s lives. We are all dealing with medications, school, family life and other areas where we tend to struggle with from time to time and I would like to meet other parents that can share their advice… [read more]

July 23rd Meetup Canceled Due to Excessive Heat!

After the meetup yesterday it is an easy decision to cancel the park meetup tomorrow, since Saturday will be as melty, if not more. I plan to hibernate indoors, and if we decide to make indoors more exciting than our apartment I will let you know of the new location.

It has been fun meeting new people and getting to know acquaintances better this summer! I didn’t schedule any more social gatherings for the remainder of July because we’ll be in Hoboken all week for bike camp (if you are going to the orientation on Sunday and want to head there together let me know!) and then James is going to visit some relatives for the weekend, but keep an eye out for the August calendar.

And, check back very soon for details on an extra special opportunity/ event this Monday, July 25th! Very soon meaning today, in honor of Day Of The Post.

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