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I’m Breaking Our Date For A Romp In The Post Office

July 15, 2011 1 comment

It’s been the frustratingly kind of crummy day where nothing horrible happened but a ton of little things went wrong that if you told someone else about they would think you were just being whiny. So I’ll spare you most of it except for the part where I complain vehemently about the Associate’s degree I am practically completing to get my boys passports. I thought I was all set to get them today – applications, photos, notarized forms, proof of citizenship, $$ – when I realized that my copy of James’s birth certificate was not certified.

After a little panic, a lot of searching, and finally a call to the Passport Agency I found out that as long as I had two other forms of “public record ID” for him I could get a Birth Affadavit filled out and notarized. Additionally, my husband had to have a form notarized giving me permission to get a passport for my 9 month old. And my ex notarized a form for James (the adoption process for Ryan and James is taking 1,000,000 M.K. years to get done). Then I find out that both parents need copies of their photo IDs submitted with each application (front and back), even the ones who aren’t standing in line because they already notarized permission for me to do that part. So Ryan will copy ours tomorrow and hopefully my ex has a quality camera phone so he can email me a good enough likeness to print out and add to the inch-thick application. I can’t believe how much I want to be able to stand in a line with all 3 kids – all of this hoop jumping has left me disoriented!

So you get why I probably won’t make it to the scheduled lunch at the Boat Basin Cafe tomorrow. I’ll be lucky to be at the front of the line by 12:30. Five people RSVPed and the table will still be waiting for anyone who shows up, under my name. And I still plan to take the kids to the playground and sprinklers tomorrow just as soon as every is all passported and ready to go, so feel free to email or text me if you want to meet up afterward!

Boat Basin Cafe Meetup Friday, plus Highbridge Pool free swim tomorrow!

As I mentioned in the updated July calendar, we’ll be at the Boat Basin Cafe ( for lunch followed by a trip to the sprinklers at the Classic Playground (near 79th and Riverside on the water) at 12:30pm on Friday, July 15th. No need to RSVP, though if you want me to save you a spot at our table in the restaurant you can email me ( Please email me if you might come and would like my cell # in order to find me once you get there. Plan to bring swimwear and towels, and sunscreen though the sprinklers and playground area is blessedly shaded.

Additionally, we will be at Highbridge Pool tomorrow, July 14th for free swim at 11a.m. after James’s adaptive swim lesson (we’re trying again). The olympic sized wading pool is perfect for my little ones and allows me to keep a less watchful eye on James as well. To get there from the UWS you can take the M5 to 173rd and Broadway or the 1 train to 168th St, then walk over to 173rd and Amsterdam. I suggest the bus up and the subway back as the most efficient. Email me if you might come and want my cell # to meet up, or just come looking for me. I’ll be the only one there crazy enough to bring 3 non-swimmers into the water by myself (in my defense, the wading pool only goes up to 2 ft deep)!

Details for the Sunday trip to the NYBG will be posted separately later on – we plan to take the Metro North there. Hope to see/ meet you this week!

A Look At What I’ll Mean-To-But-Probably-Will-Not-Have-Enough-Time-To Post In The Week Ahead: 6-20-11

I have so many posts half done or on The To Do List, not to mention the inbox full of great ideas from other people and the survey results that I have been sifting through. Sometimes a to do list is therapeutic but sometimes it’s just kinda mean.

Let’s just cut to the chase before I fall even further behind. Upcoming this week (fingers crossed):

Curious George at CMOM – A look at the exhibit from three points of view – the toddler, the special needs child and the parent who brought them both.

My Children the ABA Therapists – We are the first ones to proclaim the wonders of ABA therapy. So why is it that I cringe every time I walk by a balloon vendor?

Family Beach Vacation with your special needs child ( Part 1 of the How To series)- One week and counting! Every time my husband has worked late and I’ve had a long, hard day with the kids I make myself feel better by preparing for our amazing beach vacation-to-be. Needless to say we are Prepared. Be amazed (or appalled) at my supplies, packing lists and itineraries that anticipate even the most special of special needs, while still leaving room for spontaneity (it’s scheduled in).

How to ignore your special needs child (Uncomfortable Subjects Part 3) – If you think I have a lot to say, then you haven’t walked James home from school. Don’t judge until you’ve been there or read this.

Sneak Peek at Fall speakers 2011-2012 season – I know it seems like a long way off, but you’ll want to make time for next year’s meetings. We already have 6 amazing speakers/programs lined up! And, some of your favorite speakers from this past year are joining forces (I am letting this double “oo” opportunity pass me by out of respect for them) this year for some especially awesome opportunities. I hope I can tell you more about this soon!

Also keep an eye out for info on parenting match-ups (like a dating service for special needs parents), a sibling support group, a free giveaway (in the works) and my review of the Harry Potter exhibit in Times Square. And, I believe that The Foorce will reach 20,000 views this week (since it’s inception in March), unless everyone gets frustrated with my “to post” lists that never get crossed off. Thanks for making me feel important – it’s a good thing I come from such a big family!

It’s the last week of school. Then James will be home and things will really be busy (not like they are now) so I am extra motivated to knock things off of this list. And remember, if you subscribe you will be notified about all of the above posts automatically, and any tangents I go on in the meantime.

Happy Summer’s Eve!

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