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Extra Special Event Featuring Surprise Special Guests: July 25th, 12:30pm – DMF Takes It To Broadway!!! (Limited Seats Available)

I am really excited to pass on this announcement from the Trush family:

A generous sponsor has donated the use of the Brooks Atkinson Theatre (where the musical “Rain” is currently playing) to DMF for our members to perform. Hard to believe that we have graduated all the way to Broadway! And if Broadway isn’t exciting enough, we have also been informed that there will be some very special guests performing with our members. As always, the concert is free and we hope that you will be able to join us for this exciting event! Since this will be a private event, all attendees must be recorded on the guest list for admittance and should expect to arrive at the theatre no later than 12:30PM. If you are interested in attending you MUST email DMF at We now have over 850 people attending but have a few seats left.  If you would like to bring additional guests you must provide their name in the email as well. Many thanks and hope to see you there!

James will be there with my mom, and maybe Ryan. I will be home on baby duty – though she will probably end up there someday, my 2 yr old is not quite ready for Broadway (show is for ages 3 and up).

Congrats to DMF for making this amazing opportunity possible and to the Trush family for all they have accomplished through their hard work and dedication. As always, they remain a true inspiration to my family!

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