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Monday Minute: Be prepared for a scare this Halloween…


Today is Ian’s first birthday, but since Ryan is rarely home before bedtime on weeknights we already celebrated over the weekend. Despite this I wanted to do something special this evening, not because Ian would actually notice but because the other kids would, and because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Meanwhile, James was recently taken off of one of his more potent medications and has since been coming home from school ravenous, so I’ve been stocking the kitchen with quick and easy things he can make himself. Somehow, microwave popcorn turned into a gourmet event – James goes through the spice cabinet and sprinkles this and that into the bag until he’s satisfied, then shakes it up and devours the entire thing.

To make the following conversation intelligible, I omitted two poopy diaper changes, Adam gagging on a chicken skin and throwing up, Ian screeching “cup” at me every 15 seconds and Margaret dropping her plate of dumplings on the floor. Oh, and James’s mouth never had less than an entire dumpling in it. Ever. It was a birthday celebration for the record books, to be sure. Read more…

Monday Minute: Why would anyone give this gift to a 13 year old?

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment

IMG_0433 (1)James is turning 13 on September 16th (what????) and the gifts have started to arrive. Upon coming home from school James opened a box and read the card (as we have trained him to do) on top first. “Oooohh, I think it’s chopsticks!” he exclaimed, rummaging around inside. A moment later he resurfaced looking confused. “These are not the chopsticks I asked for,” he muttered. I glanced over – James was holding up a stack of neatly folded white washcloths, tied with a bow. He looked into the box again. “What the—?”

Now I was curious, so I got up and peeked. “Espresso cups?” I mused. I read the card, which mentioned that the gift would be good for a sushi-lover like James. “What in the world do you need these for? Someone must have made a mistake, bud,” I announced. “I’ll call your Aunt Nancy and let her know.” Read more…

Monday Minute: Two men look out the same prison bars…

September 3, 2013 1 comment

2013-08-29 12.55.23

…one sees mud and the other stars. Beck

Yes, I’m aware I missed posting anything last week. Ryan was home and we really eked every last minute out of our precious staycation. In fact, we’re going to start a new photo album called “The Last Car In The Lot,” in which we are the very last vehicle to leave every beach, waterpark, farm, aquarium, orchard… So I wasn’t home to post anything – I was so busy having fun that it just wasn’t possible.

When we got home from an overnight stay in Long Island last week I stumbled across a post by another mom-blogger I follow, about “the truth.” It was then that I realized I had to come clean. Yes, we had a wonderful and busy week. Yes, we were the very last car in the lot every day. But there’s something else I failed to mention. One of the big reasons I didn’t post anything was because I didn’t have anything witty, lighthearted, touching, even sarcastic-but-all-in-good-fun to say about James for a while there last week, and I was just too tired to fake it. Read more…

Monday Minute: Can You Spare Some Change? James reveals Ryan’s salary (yes, on the subway)

Quarter_newIf you’ve ever been on a NYC subway, chances are you’ve been solicited for change before. Over the last 5 years we’ve been hit up by breakdancing teens, prosthelytizing men handing out prayer cards, accordion players, a cappella singing groups, pregnant women, mariachi bands, the occasional scary loud guys, even a 5-piece brass band with trombone and tuba – all while riding the subway.

I bet you think you know where this is going now. James blurts out Ryan’s salary on the subway and someone immediately asks us for money. No, because that would be entirely too predictable. Read more…

Monday Minute: It’s Summer Vacation Eve – Taking A Moment To Reflect

June 26, 2013 1 comment

james 6th gradeTomorrow is the last day of sixth grade. What the whaaaaaaaat? As I put together teacher gifts (all 15 of them) this evening, I added this photo to some of the bags – it was taken on James’s first day of school. Looking at the photo brought back so many memories from the past year. Sooooooooo many. As you can see from the boxes, we had just moved to our new house in Brooklyn – this was back when we were still excited to be homeowners (472 projects ago). This was pre-Ian, pre-Superstorm Sandy, and before Ian needed emergency surgery. This was pre-roof leaking, pre-appliances breaking, hot water heater malfunctioning, roof #2 leaking, deck collapsing, #$%@ roof leaking. We had not yet experienced the chronic sickness that violently swept through our household all Fall, which was apparently only a precursor to the hurricane of intense allergies, tantrums, and anxiety in the Spring. And let’s not forget the yearlong sh@tstorm. Literally.

But now Summer is here and sixth grade is over. And you know what’s missing from this incredibly eventful year? A good ole fashioned school crisis. Not one. You might be thinking, well, what about that school bus strike? Yeah, that sucked, but became totally doable thanks to the amazing effort and communication skills of school administration. What about all that change in the beginning of the year – new house, new school, new sibling? I think James’s homeroom teacher knew I was in labor before some of my friends did. Thanks to regular phone calls we were all on top of managing James’s adjustment period(s). What about poop accidents, tantrum-y mornings, field trips, June? Look, I’m not pretending that James was a walk in the park all year, but this school rocked it.

This was an especially crazy year, even for our family, full of surprises large and small. And one of the bigger ones was this being the first year EVER that did not involve a meeting (or ten) over bullying, or inappropriate IEP goals, or too much homework, or anxiety issues, or a long, long list of phobias affecting James’s school day. This was the first year I experienced entire months without worry over sending James to school, and the first year that James did not come home in tears one single time.

So thank you, thank you interested and enthusiastic teachers, available and optimistic administrators, and friendly pop music playing, ice-cream wielding bus drivers who brought your A-game to my son all year. I am incredibly grateful to have made it in one piece to summer vacation, but not half as grateful as I am to have two more years left at this school.

Happy Summer Vacation Eve!

Sanity Saver #2: Be A Wet Blanket, But In A Fun Way

These little spray bottles have come in handy so many times I buy them in six-packs – the kids LOVE them. Okay, and I love them (especially at less than $2 per spray bottle). With the beginning of spray bottle season upon us, here are just a few of the ways we’ve already used our 2013 models: Read more…

Monday Minute: Daylight Savings Time Strikes Again

March 11, 2013 1 comment

Waking James up in the morning is always a special joy in my life, but Mondays are often the hardest. Still suffering from the loss of a precious hour over the weekend I approached his room this morning with no small amount of dread. And a plan. Little did I know that James had been secretly forming a counterattack. Read more…

Advocates For Children of New York: School Info and Education Assistance for NYC Families

February 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Click here to see my review of Advocates for Children, the latest entry in my series of posts on Mommy Poppins about resources/agencies for special needs children.

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