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Frozen Between My “To Do” List and A Hard Place

August 16, 2011 1 comment

I’ve started a good half dozen posts lately, and am disappointed not to have any of them finished. She’s crazy busy, of course she doesn’t have time to write, you might be thinking. But you would only be partially right. As you know by now, I often write in the wee hours, when things are generally more calm around here (even a sleeping baby in the lap is a step up).

But there has been a lot of good TV on Netflix lately, and things to buy online for our big trip next week, and some crazy long packing lists to make, and bugs to kill, plane seats to pick, appointments to make before we go, school lists to fulfill, thank you cards to send, emails to reply to, bugs to kill, bills to pay, and even some catching up to do with Ryan when he is home before midnight. And, bugs to kill.

Okay, I’ve mostly been watching Netflix (while silently scanning the room for any bugs). And now you have learned a little secret about me – when the precarious balance between busy and overwhelmed is crossed, I tend to do absolutely nothing. It’s all there in a big fat list, I’m not hiding from it. I actually have about 15 windows on my computer open right now, and occasionally in between paragraphs open one up and browse rental car rates or make a bid on Priceline or research the most bang for my credit card points (it looks like cash or statement credit is the way to go).

Eventually, if I have too many windows and programs open on my computer, it tends to freeze up and requires a reboot. And there you have it. I’m not hiding from my responsibilities, I’m not avoiding, I’m simply frozen! Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff on my formidable-and-growing to do list should be complete before my own personal reboot, aka Rejuvenating Trip To Jamaica.

So my current plan is to┬áreturn from Jamaica refreshed (and sober) and ready for the school year, more stay-at-hom-motherhood, and definitely some higher quality blogging (though I still plan to try for a few more low-to-medium quality posts before I leave). In the meantime, I hope to see more of you at the events this week (see August calendar post). If I haven’t said it yet, I have sincerely enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know familiar faces better this summer, and feel excited and motivated as I think about all of my plans for The Foorce this Fall!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have an episode of Law and Order I really need to finish before I hit the sack…

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