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New Poll on The Foorce

See the right sidebar for my new poll. I’m interested in your opinion while I work on my latest rant against health insurance, waiting rooms and “special needs” practitioners. Recently it seems like anyone who has seen a disabled patient before dubs themselves a specialist – until they meet James, that is.

PS, the results from the last poll are below – now I’m interested to see how much more waiting you are willing to do once you’ve taken the time off and made the trek to the office.

How Long Do You Think Is Appropriate To “Hold, Please” After The Receptionist Answers The Phone?

Answer Votes Percent
up to 5 minutes 19 40%
1-2 minutes 14 29%
5-10 minutes 11 23%
10-20 minutes 4 8%
over 20 minutes 0 0%

Special Needs Dentists in the NYC area

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Belated thanks to Karel for passing along this incredibly helpful link to dentists who work with the special needs population. The site includes info for each hospital and/or doctor, what insurance, Medicaid or fee programs they accept, and which (if any) sedation services they offer. Where was this awesome list when I was cold-calling dentists several months ago?


No personal experience, but Columbia (on the list) comes highly recommended by some friends.

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