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Monday Minute: Two men look out the same prison bars…

September 3, 2013 1 comment

2013-08-29 12.55.23

…one sees mud and the other stars. Beck

Yes, I’m aware I missed posting anything last week. Ryan was home and we really eked every last minute out of our precious staycation. In fact, we’re going to start a new photo album called “The Last Car In The Lot,” in which we are the very last vehicle to leave every beach, waterpark, farm, aquarium, orchard… So I wasn’t home to post anything – I was so busy having fun that it just wasn’t possible.

When we got home from an overnight stay in Long Island last week I stumbled across a post by another mom-blogger I follow, about “the truth.” It was then that I realized I had to come clean. Yes, we had a wonderful and busy week. Yes, we were the very last car in the lot every day. But there’s something else I failed to mention. One of the big reasons I didn’t post anything was because I didn’t have anything witty, lighthearted, touching, even sarcastic-but-all-in-good-fun to say about James for a while there last week, and I was just too tired to fake it. Read more…

Monday Minute: Are You My Cousin? James Rewrites the Dr. Seuss Classic

February 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Apparently I need to brush up on family relations…

(James is sitting in the kitchen while I make him breakfast, Ian in his bouncy chair nearby)

James: Hi, Ian. Hi, little Ian! So, is Ian my cousin?

Me: What?

James: Ian’s my cousin?

Me: Are you serious? Read more…

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