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The Miracle Project is Coming to NYC!

November 7, 2011 1 comment

Thanks Beth for the heads up on this gem!

The Miracle Project is coming to locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, starting NOW. Woo-hoo! IMO, by coming to NYC this organization fills one of biggest gaps left with regards to extracurricular activities for kids with special needs.

“THE MIRACLE PROJECT founded in 2004 is a multi-platform socialization program that enables children and teens with special needs to express themselves through music, dance, acting, story, and writing. ALL children of ALL abilities grow in skill and in spirit while creating and performing in original musicals. This acclaimed arts program was documented in the HBO double EMMY Award-winning documentary, AUTISM THE MUSICAL.”

I’m not sure what James’s take will be on this (being up in front of a crowd for one thing), but as a music educator I am more than excited to have this option available. I’ve run a musical production or two in my day (a truly AMAZING experience), and more than once I have felt a twinge of I wish James could do something like this while at the same time recognizing the extreme difficulty he would have with a typical group of kids and the intense pressure of the rehearsal schedule, memorizing lines, dances, etc.

The price tag will probably seem a little bit high (though in line with similar programs for typical children) but I bet it will be well worth every cent. If you are interested I encourage you to act now because I see this program filling up very quickly.


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