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Top Ten: Substitutions to survive dairy and soy free

Cow_-_Flickr_-_USDAgovAs I recently mentioned, we’ve discovered that Ian has a bunch of severe food allergies, requiring me to cut all soy and dairy out of my own diet while we get things figured out. I won’t lie, this last month has been no picnic – no pun intended. Milk, coffee creamer, cheese, chocolate, sour cream, baked goods, and butter have all played feature roles in my life, as have tofu, bread, crackers, soy sauce, and a whole slew of items I never would’ve dreamed had soy in them.

But as with many challenges, I’m now on the other side of the soy/dairy free dilemma and am ready to share the fruits of my (frantic) labor with you. Whether you’re looking to limit your dairy and soy for lifestyle reasons (crazy) or you’ve been banned from it all like I was, the following ten items have provided adequate to excellent substitutions for everyday soy and dairy products, and have eased my pain considerably. Instead of the initial heart attack it’s feeling like more of a dull ache these days.

Top Ten: Substitutions to survive dairy and soy free Read more…

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