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Mark your calendars! Special Needs Soccer Registration for WSSL Fall season begins April 25

James has participated in WSSL soccer for two seasons so far. We plan to register again this Fall because it has been such a great experience. They meet on Sundays during the Fall in Central Park and our whole family enjoys the outdoor time together. My husband usually volunteers to coach one of the groups. I think it’s a nice way for him to connect in a “typical” way with his stepson – sometimes it feels like there are so few of those opportunities.

If you want your child to play soccer in the Fall, it is best to register early.  Registration will open online at on Monday, April 25th.  Once caps are hit, a wait list will begin. Make sure to register for the VIP division if you want your child to play on a special needs team similar to the basketball league and baseball teams in Winter and Spring.

Feel free to email me or leave comments below for more information!

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