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On The Road Again (a quick update)

Let me start off by saying that I’m more than aware of how tardy my posting has been of late, and for that I’m sorry!

But let me explain – I’m almost done with my Woodloch review and we (sadly) just got back from Rocking Horse Ranch this week, which is special needs-friendly, kid-friendly and parent-friendly all wrapped into one amazing getaway so there is now another review to add to the ever-growing list. As I type we’re on our way out the door yet again to Sesame Place Day for Children With Autism, followed by the Autism-Friendly performance of Mary Poppins next weekend (I still can’t believe we got tickets!!). So, not a bad excuse for a little disorganization, right?

And what’s your excuse? The Central Park Challenge is only 6 weeks away and I don’t see your name on our team roster… Can’t make it? Do you have a $1 to spare? Can’t run fast? There’s a walk that even my 18 month old will be participating in.

Need more than a guilt trip to inspire you? For more details look up The Foorce on the YAI website ( or see my Top Ten Reasons to Join The Foorce post from last month.

And I promise, this week I’ll be better about posting – just wait and see!

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