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Monday Minute: Twins Day

November 20, 2012 1 comment

In the midst of what has become an intense, somewhat overwhelming Fall, James’s new school has remained the (almost blinding) silver lining. Yet when James’s para called me a few days ago, I still braced myself. “Is everything okay?” I immediately asked. “Yes, I’m actually calling to see if I can coordinate a matching outfit for James and I – it’s twins day this Monday,” she replied.

Based on how this school year has gone so far, I should’ve known it wasn’t an emergency, but after years of exactly the opposite I’ve apparently become suspicious, cynical and otherwise pessimistic every time the phone rings and school pops up on the caller ID.

The note for spirit week had come home and if I’m being 100% honest, was mainly ignored. Hat day? Twins day? What best friend would James dress up with, let alone coordinate a matching outfit? And he hates wearing hats. Favorite team day? Do the Jedis count?

What I didn’t expect was for James to excitedly talk about dressing up like a twin with his para all weekend. He even agreed to wearing long sleeves without complaint Monday morning, nothing short of a miracle in itself.┬áThe next time I saw a school-related number on my phone later that day, I still flinched but it was for nothing. This is what was in the text:

I personally think my choice of matching shirts is amazingly appropriate considering the effect this school has had on James so far. This morning he left for school wearing his “favorite cap” for hat day. I wonder what favorite sports team he is going to come up with tomorrow, because I’m suddenly sure there will be one.

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