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July Excursions, Adventures and Other Less Exciting But Equally Fun Gatherings of The Foorce

The schedule for July is below!! If you simply can’t wait another second scroll right down to it and start filling in those blank spots on your calendar. Just do it in pencil because I am still waiting to hear about James’s summer swim schedule, and you guessed it, the two aforementioned doctors’ appointments are still flapping in the wind.

If you’re still reading, I just want to take a second to clarify the whole “group” thing. I have received quite a few emails about how to “get into the social group” or “sign up for meetings” or “is there space left to join the summer group.” I’m flattered, really, and a little sorry to tell you – it’s not that exclusive. In fact, anyone can come – just part of what makes the get-togethers so exciting. Though the group is centered around special needs families, you don’t have to have a special needs family member to “get in.” Friends, family, neighbors, classmates, anyone you think might be interested is welcome to come – any age, disabled or not. The point behind this group (for me) is to provide social and fun opportunities that are inclusive to everyone. With the spread we have in our house, you know I mean everyone.

Here’s where it gets a little bit official, though. If you signed up for the mailing list OR subscribed to this blog you will get reminders and more details as events draw nearer – you don’t need to do anything else. You will also be asked to RSVP for some meetings, especially if they involve group discounts or bringing food (nothing worse than showing up with 3 dozen brownies for 2 kids who can’t eat chocolate). If you want to receive reminders but haven’t signed up or subscribed, sign up or subscribe. Email me if you’re confused now – we’ll work it out.

Without further adieu, I present the (tentatively) amazing July schedule (subject to all kinds of change):

July 5* – Potluck picnic at the Hudson “Swing a Ring” Beach ( 1p.m. Bring sand toys and lawn games!

July 9* – Relax by the Natural History Museum sprinklers, 12 noon.

July 14* – Boat Basin Cafe for lunch followed by sprinklers at the Classic Playground (near 79th and Riverside on the water) 12:30pm

July 17 *- New York Botanical Gardens – hands on exhibits in the Family and Children’s gardens, 1p.m.

July 20 – New York Science Museum including the Science Playground and Rocket Park Mini Golf, 11:00a.m.

July 23 – V&T Pizzeria for lunch (110th and Amsterdam) followed by Morningside Park’s very cool playground (near 117th and Morningside) 12 noon.

*Locations may be changed due to inclement weather.

June summary: DMF at Brooklyn Cyclones, Coney Island (22), Achilles 5M Race, Central Park (26)

August sneak peek: Police Museum, Bronx Zoo, BounceU, beach trip, and Central Park Brass kids’ music series.

I hope to see you at one or all of these events this summer!

Special Needs Baseball FAQs – starts April 17th in Riverside Park!

Here is a follow up email full of FAQs to those of you who are registered and those of you considering signing up for special needs baseball this season. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email me.
Here is the email from Division Head Jim Karpe:
Your child needs a baseball glove the first day.  That is all.
Recommendation: Avoid a mitt which is too big.  For most of our kids, a glove between 8 1/2 inches and 11 inches is best.
Adult gloves are typically 12 1/2 inches.
Of course a good idea to have some balls at home for playing catch and practice during the week.
The league provides helmets, bats, and balls.  Our preference is to not have you bring your own bat.  And there are certain exotic bats which are banned by Little League.
We are trying out three different game balls this year.  The Majors use a special hard-but-low-mass ball.  Our Minors will use a softer ball which is standard for Little League T-ball.  And to reduce both fear and bumps, our Rising Stars will start out using special softest-of-all yellow-foam balls that were originally developed for pitching machines.  We will make adjustments during the season as needed.
Just south of the fields, a Parks Dept building has Mens and Womens rooms, with entrances facing the Riverwalk.
Just north of the fileds, the Boat Basin Cafe also has Mens and Womens rooms, with entrances onto the circular space, right next to each curving stairway.
I believe all our coaches from last year are returning, though I have not yet heard from a couple of them.  We do need new/additional coaches, due to increased enrollment, travel schedules, and etc– especially for our Rising Stars (youngest kids– Bush league).
If you have friends, relations, neighbors, teenagers who are interested in helping out, all are welcome.  There is a form to fill out, and we will want them to bring a photocopy of their picture ID.
And of course all of us parents need to help out, on the field or off– especially for the Rising Stars, who will be doing a lot of basic skill development.  We will need parents who can run various practice stations, including T-ball batting practice, live-pitching, throwing practice, catching practice, etc.  If you know something about baseball, great.  If not, I can teach you what little I know in about three minutes, and we have other resources available.
Hope to see many of you at the park next weekend!

Baseball and Soccer and Summer, oh my!

March 29, 2011 1 comment

Click here to download a Microsoft Word document of Sports and Extracurricular Activities plus a special Summer Program Section . Some of you may have a hard copy of this from attending a meeting. I will do my best to update it here as summer draws nearer and I find out about more activities and opportunities.

Please let me know if my attempt at being technologically advanced has failed (if the link doesn’t work)

Also feel free to leave any program info you’d like to see added in the comment section!

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