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PS 163 Spring Fair May 14, 12-4pm

Rain or shine we plan to attend the PS 163 Spring Fair next weekend, and invite you to join us! James is in the 4th grade CTT class there and has generally had a good experience over the past 3 years thanks to some amazing teachers, a devoted principal and most recently a young, energetic para who spends her day focused on helping James learn to his full potential. So, I felt it was the least I could do to advertise their Spring fair on my blog. I mean, hey, maybe some of you are considering PS 163 for your special needs child (or typical child!) – this would be the perfect no pressure way to see the school and meet some of the teachers, parents and kids.

There is always tasty food, fun rides, crafts and games available, and this year they also have a flea market, rummage sale, and Scholastic book fair. And, the price is right. I think you can get a book of 36 tickets for $20, and many things are between 2-4 tickets ( I think some of the big food items and rides are more like 4-6). We usually buy a book or two and have plenty of tickets left, even after James and his sister go through everything they want to do and Ryan and I sample some of the treats there (there is usually a nice assortment of grilled food, yum!).

Click the link above for the Spring Fair flyer, or just show up on the 14th ready for some fun! PS 163 is located at 163 W. 97th Street, on the corner of W. 97th and Amsterdam.

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