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Farewell NYC, Howdy Texas

June 26, 2014 5 comments

Sometimes there’s so much to say that words will only mess it all up. But you know I’ll give it a go anyway.

I wish I could tell you that there was little heartache involved with our decision to move across the country (my husband certainly would!). Today Adam looked at me from the pullout sofa in our tiny, temporary Brooklyn apartment and said, “how many minute20140623_201619s until we go back to our home?” I paused, and said “well, we’ll be in our home in a few more sleeps, after we get to Texas.” He said,”No, I mean how many minutes until we go in our old home?” I said, very carefully to my most tempestuous child, “We aren’t going back, we’re going to living in Texas now.” He replied, “Until we go back to New York.” “We are not going back to New York.” The words struck me then. My God, we were leaving New York, probably for good, in just a matter of hours. Read more…

Top Ten: Reasons I Said “Dammit” In Front Of My Kids

December 5, 2012 Leave a comment

So I was working on a Top Ten holiday activities post but what the heck, I’m calling myself out. Swearing, even if it’s “just dammit,” seems more offensive to me during the holiday season, the epitome of anti-merry. Or perhaps Pepper Minstix (our elf on the shelf) is starting to get to me a little bit.

But whatever the reason, the frustration I’m already feeling whenever “dammit” bursts from my lips is only compounded by the fact that I lost my cool, and cursed, in front of one or more of my children. So as an early Christmas present to them, and myself, I’m going to redouble my efforts.

I announced that I was going to stop saying the “D-word” at dinner last night in an effort to be extra good for Christmas. Margaret responded, “I’m going to try not to go into James’s room and tease him.” James followed up with, “I’m going to try to sleep better (and he was only up 5 times last night).”  Adam chirped up. “I didn’t poop.” He needed a change.

I need a change too. But it won’t be easy – here are the Top Ten Reasons I Said Dammit in front of my kids yesterday (ten times, I know):

Read more…

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