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Metro New York DDSO: Reimbursement Money Available for Manhattan Families

I thought I would pass along the information below – it seems as though there might even be some money to reimburse camp expenses and occasional respite, two things we are definitely interested in. There is a June 30th deadline to keep in mind,so if you’re interested you should act soon. I plan to call on Monday morning to get more details.

The email I received is copied below:

Manhattan Family Support Services has a great program that is managed by Metro New York DDSO:
FAMILY REIMBURSEMENT … funds are still  available!!! 
This program is only for Manhattan families whose relative with  developmental disabilities lives at home.
Family Reimbursement will reimburse families for expenses for goods or services that benefit their relative with developmental disabilities.  These expenses must not be covered by any other funding source (such as Medicaid or private insurance).
Families must submit original receipts to be reimbursed for “goods and services” that benefit their relative.  However, if the family cannot afford a needed item, the Family Reimbusement may pre-pay the item.
Some examples of previously reimbursed goods/services are:
                     – clothing
                     – beds
                     – air conditioning (must have medical justification)
                     – occasional respite 
                     – adaptive equipment
                     – camp
Apply right away!  Don’t delay!  These reimbursement funds must be allocated by June 30, 2011. 
To apply, please contact Tom Mannion as soon as possible:
Tom Mannion (212) 229-3114
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