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Monday Minute: New Year Resolutions, James Style

Consider this a sneak preview to the list of resolutions James has independently put together for 2013 (coming soon).


J (sitting at the table): I’m doing my resolutions, too.

M: Oh, yeah? Can I hear some of them?

(James reads his list)

M: Those are very good so far – have you thought about adding some new things to try on there?

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Top Ten: 2012 Resolutions – The Results Are In!

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment

This past year I thought that ┬áif I posted my New Year’s resolutions to the general public I could be reminded, kidded, cajoled, convinced and/or shamed into keeping them until at least some became new habits.

And here we are, unbelievably, in the last hours of 2012. And reluctantly, as I worked on goals for 2013, I took a look at last year’s resolutions – here is my report card in all of its glory. Kind of.

This past year, I firmly resolved to:

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