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Monday Minute: Monologue

James had a really off day today, starting with a wildly grouchy wake-up this morning and with highs and lows continuing all the way through until bedtime. However, it seems he had a few moments of clarity in between tantrums this morning and felt a little bit guilty about his behavior as I walked him to school. He seemed (surprisingly perceptively) to realize my silence was reflective of my annoyance with him and kept an upbeat chatter rolling pretty much the entire time we walked. And yes, I was annoyed (very), though it was hard not to crack a little at his ridiculous attempt to make me forget him screaming “YOU’RE A BULLY!!!!!” for making him get dressed, brush teeth or put his sneakers on up to five minutes prior.

James is in italics, and my responses are in bold.

So it’s a beautiful day today, huh, mom? Right, it’s a beautiful day?


Hey do you see that cat? I don’t see that cat’s owner, where do you think he lives? Do you think maybe he lives near Rockefeller Center? or Lincoln Center? I don’t see his owner, do you mom?


What’s that say? Lotto and smoke shop – we don’t go in there, right? Because smoking will kill you. Smoke shops are bad, right mom? Right? Do you see the words smoke shop?

Yes James.

Oooooh, what’s that? It says NY Language Center – what languages do you think they speak there? I don’t know. Spanish? English? Italian? Chinese? Japanese? Oh and there’s Sleepy’s – we’ve never been there. See the sign – it says Grand Opening. Wow a Grand Opening!

Hey so there’s 99th street. Remember our apartment on 99th Street? Where we moved? Remember it was pouring all day when we moved in?It was kind of like God sweating. Gross. What?! You know, the rain. Like giant sweat drops. 

Hey look! Look mom! See those pigeons? They’re taking a bath in that oily puddle over there. That’s gross right? Those fat pigeons are splashing around in that dirty water.

(arriving at school)

speaking to James’s para: It’s been quite a morning. I think he’s over the hump but it’s been a rough one.

Oh yes, but I’m feeling much calmer now. Right mom? I’m much calmer. I’m calm. 

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