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Monday Minute: So Yesterday Was Gross

September 25, 2012 2 comments

Before you read this let me apologize for the level of “ewww” present in a minute. In my defense, there really weren’t too many minutes yesterday spent on pleasant or pretty. But perhaps this will demonstrate the authenticity of my Monday Minute series – seriously, there’s just no making this stuff up. The silver lining is that James is becoming more “regular” now that he’s into a schedule…
I know, I’m really stretching here.

James is in italics, my responses are in bold. 

James has called me up to the bathroom to help him get cleaned up.

Are you all done – you need some help?

Yep. How do you feel?


How do you feel?

About what?

About my poop.

I’m sorry, what?

Like, do you feel proud and happy that I pooped in the potty?

James, it is not customary to talk about poop as a topic of conversation. I’m very glad you didn’t have an accident.

Do you think it’s a good size?

James, enough.

It’s just the right size, right?

James, do you want my help or not?

Sure. Are you proud of me?

James. Look at me. Pull your pants up and wash your hands before you say another word.


Not. Another. Word.




You stop.

I’ll just wash my hands.


Then will you tell me about how proud you are?

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