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Monday Minute: Too Much Of A Good Thing

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

The ipod has restored happiness to our mornings. It’s just the other 23 hours of the day that concern me.

James is in italics, I am in bold.

Setting: wrapping up dinner, James has dramatically complained of a footache though a cursory examination reveals no injury.

Can I play my ipod  again today?

You can play your ipod for a few more minutes if you get in your pajamas first.

My foot hurts a little.

Did you hear me? You need to get your pajamas on.

My foot hurts but it’s pretty fine.

We’re going to see Dr. M tomorrow and you can show it to him then. Can you walk on it?

Yeah it’s pretty fine.

Okay. Go get your pajamas on.

My foot still hurts a little…….but I’ll ignore the pain.

James quickly changes into his pajamas and gets his ipod. I notice that he is dancing around the living room with it.

Do you have to use the bathroom?


Put the ipod down and go to the bathroom.

Okay. (makes no move to do so, continues frantically dancing)

Give it to Brig and go.

James hands my sister the ipod and rushes into the bathroom

Brig: It’s almost dead.

Ugh. I’ll have to charge it. This should be pleasant.

James emerges from the bathroom in record time.

Okay, I’m ready for my ipod.

It’s almost dead, it needs to be charged a little.

Guuuuuyyyyyys! I want to play it.

Brig: You can play it in a minute, it’s not a punishment – it just needs to charge.

James slumps onto the couch and puts a pillow over his face.

You can play it in a few minutes it just needs to charge.

Huh? Pillow off of face.

You can play it in a few minutes.

Pillow back over face.

(1 minute later)

Talking with pillow over face.

What?  I can’t hear you.

Talking with pillow over face.

James, I don’t know what you’re saying. You have a pillow over your mouth.

Talking again. With pillow over face.

I still don’t know what you’re saying.

Removes pillow.

How many minutes will it take?

When the clock in the kitchen say 6:45 you can take it off of the charger.

Want to watch some family movie with us?

Let’s watch some peter pan while we wait.

okay, just for a few minutes and then it’s bed.

Just while we wait for my ipod.

At 6:55 the oven timer goes off and James retrieves his ipod. By 7:15 he reluctantly puts it back onto the charger for medication and brushing teeth.

You had a fun day today! Did you have fun at M’s bday party?


What did you like?

Playing games, eating cupcakes and pizza, you know. All that stuff.

Did you like playing with your friends?


Here’s an easy question – what was your favorite part of the day?

(Because what self respecting child is going to pick anything over a day at Chuck E Cheese?)

Chuck E Cheese!

Oh, and playing my ipod. Can you make sure it’s charged for tomorrow?