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Hershey Park – discounted admission and info!

James is terrified of many things at amusement parks, like the rides, the noises, the waterpark, shows, characters, etc. Why go, you may ask? Well, we have other children, particularly my 2 yr old daughter who really enjoy all of the above. My husband is a fan too ūüôā And, our philosophy with James often involves pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone. But bringing James can suck all of the fun from the day without a little bit of preparation, and I really hate to spend money on his ticket just so he can cry in line waiting for rides he probably won’t end up going on. So, I have been writing to different amusement parks to find out about discounted tickets and other services for people with disabilities so I can do what I’m best at, plan some family activities. Below is the response I received from Hershey Park, and includes the price of a heavily discounted ticket. I was impressed:

Hello Michaela,
Hersheypark has a program in place to provide special access to rides for guests with disabilities as well as special pricing on admission. The ‚ÄúAccessible Rate‚ÄĚ for this admission is $31.95. Most Hersheypark rides can be enjoyed by guests with disabilities provided the guest meets the various restrictions posted at each ride (including height). Our program allows the person with a disability to enter through the ride exit or other accessible entrance.

A Guide for Guests with Disabilities is available at Hospitality Services (inside the Park, next to Zoo Outpost) or any Guest Services location. This Guide explains the ride entry guidelines and procedures, provides specific information related to each attraction, and includes an Attraction Boarding Pass which is required for special access accommodations. A Guide for Guests with Disabilities is required for each guest with a disability and will cover his/her accompanying friends/family members (Please see the Guide for Guests with Disabilities to determine how many additional riders can accompany the guest with the disability at each ride. The number of additional riders does vary from ride to ride). When picking up a Guide for Guests with Disabilities, a yellow wristband will also be issued to the guest with the disability. Please note: you will need to pick up a new Guide and wristband each time you visit the Park.

If you require assistance during your Hersheypark experience, please bring your own Personal Care Attendant. Our rides do require guests to transfer from their wheelchairs to a ride system. The Hersheypark staff is happy to make your visit as pleasant and memorable as possible. Please note: our staff is not permitted to assist guests with personal care, including assistance in transferring on and off rides.

Each guest has different needs. Hersheypark cannot always determine the suitability of a particular ride. We strongly recommend that you carefully consider your health and comfort, as well as the nature of each ride, prior to making a decision to ride.

Hersheypark also offers sign-language interpreters at no charge between the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Guest Services should be contacted two weeks prior to visiting at 717-534-3900 in order to arrange this service.

To view our Guide for Guests with Disabilities, you may visit:

Hopefully this information helps you with your plans in order to make your visit with us much more enjoyable. If there is anything else we may do for you, please do not hesitate to ask our Guest Services department by contacting them. ¬†We look forward to having you here with us inHershey… the “sweetest” place on earth!

Thank you for writing,

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts

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