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Monday Minute: You Call It Teasing, I Call It Exposure Therapy

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment
Prospect Park Tennis Domes

Prospect Park Tennis Domes

Every week James plays adaptive tennis at the Prospect Park tennis center (awesome program), and during the colder months the outdoor courts are covered in giant domes. Domes, not bubbles, as I was harshly reprimanded on the walk over to tennis practice the other day.

Well, once I realized how sensitive he was about my terminology (remember James’s horrific phobia of anything that could conceivably pop), and since he wasn’t exactly polite about it, I couldn’t help but poke around a bit to see just how far I could go. Teasing? Ehhh… Funny? Oh, yeah.

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Monday Minute: New Year Resolutions, James Style

Consider this a sneak preview to the list of resolutions James has independently put together for 2013 (coming soon).


J (sitting at the table): I’m doing my resolutions, too.

M: Oh, yeah? Can I hear some of them?

(James reads his list)

M: Those are very good so far – have you thought about adding some new things to try on there?

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