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Top Ten: Things I’ve Cleaned Off Of The Floor, Today (And Why It’s Okay)

August 10, 2012 1 comment

Stop. Do not look at the list below yet. If you’re like me, you may find it more entertaining to guess what kinds of things you will find on this Top Ten before reading it (ah, the things I ponder over my morning coffee).

By the time my husband left for work today I was already ranting about how many messes I had cleaned off of the floor (not counting the ones that still littered the ground as the door closed). An hour later I had cleaned the remaining items off of the floor, only to find a new disaster waiting for me in James’s room. Ranting turned into resigned (as it often does).

Later in the morning I was googling “how to turn breech babies” (this baby seems to be as stubborn as his siblings already) and read that one way to make the baby flip was to spend 20 minutes a day on all fours. Yeah, right, I thought. As if I don’t spend enough time on all fours picking up after these kids. But after several mothers commented on the success of the “all fours method” and another commented that it would encourage her to scrub the floors more often while pregnant, resigned turned into intrigued. Where could I find the next mess? I crawled back into James’s room.

So don’t feel bad for me as you read how many times I have been on my hands and knees, eight months pregnant, windex, rag and/or garbage bag in tow. Instead, imagine me joyfully scrubbing the house clean while baby #4 begins the turn that is 100% inevitable at the rate I’m going.


Top Ten: Things I’ve Cleaned Off Of The Floor – Today (Repeats not included!)

1. Strawberry jelly and scrambled eggs

2. Legos (James is so much better at tossing them wildly than actually building anything)

3. Milk (from 2 cereal bowls, 2 “big girl” cups and one nose)

4. a roll of toilet paper, ripped up to make a bed for A’s baby doll.

5. Books, books and more books.

6. An unwrapped vase of seashells and assorted sands.

7. 1/4 cup of olive oil and a chewed up zucchini (spit out due to being raw)

8. An entire hamper of dirty laundry (it was apparently needed for a fort)

9. 10 pounds of packing paper (irresistible in its neatly rolled package)

10. Permanent Marker (since the 3rd time I’ve started labeling our boxes in crayon)


Think I’ve hit 20 minutes yet?

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