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My “if it were really the end of the world today” list

May 21, 2011 1 comment

Let me start by saying that this is NOT my bucket list. Bucket lists are meant to span the rest of your lifetime when you assume that you have more than a day left to go. And there are supposed to be awesome things on your Bucket List, like climb a mountain or go skydiving or visit the jungle.

Apparently some people think that the end of the world is today at 6p.m. and whether or not you believe it, I always think about what I would be doing differently if there were less than 24 hours left before The End. And it’s funny because I would always be doing something other than what I’m actually doing. I am far from a “grass is greener” kind of girl, but it’s no secret that my family lives with a lot of structure and rules. However, the structure and rules are there to help my kids prepare for the future, like more than a day from now.

So I did what I do best and made a list – I guess it would be my very last one if it were The End. I was surprised at how lame it was, but if it’s The End there is not really time for a whole lot of grandiose – a trip to the mountains would suck up half the time we have left. Good thing we already live in a hopping place like NYC! So, here’s a quick peek at what my Last schedule would look like through this evening (I would love to hear other’s ideas for how to spend The Last day – please add them in the Comments section):

Thank goodness it’s a Saturday – Ryan and the kids will be home already!

Everyone could eat whatever they wanted all day as long as it was nearby – after all, we don’t want to waste too much time searching for food. Hello, food carts! Hello, 96th St Taco Truck! Goodbye, calorie counting!

James could spin in circles as much as he wanted.

I would let my toddler get ALL of her toys out at the same time.

The kids could get a dog.

I would read a Garfield comic book to James.

My daughter could buy a lobster at the fish market, to eat or play with (I’m not sure why she wants one so much).

I would not correct James for making noises, even the ones where he is talking to himself reenacting some book scene out loud on the street.

My older two could pick an activity, any activity, and we would do it as a family. With vigor. Even if we have already done it 10 trillion times.

I would let my 7 month old eat all of the bananas he could stand.

I would not correct James for making noises, repeating himself, or not answering me the first 10 times.

I would play chess with my husband. With vigor.

We would buy all of the cheap outdoor toys at Rite Aid and take them to a playground. When the kids were done playing we could leave them there.

I would not correct James for making noises, even the gross ones.

My daughter could raid my closet and put on whatever shoes she wants.

I would not sweep, do laundry, pick up toys or give baths. I would not take a shower. I would probably still make coffee. I might bake, too – maybe a special End of the World cake – my daughter loves to bake with me.

I would have a real, in-depth conversation with James about Star Wars.

I would not sit on the computer, text on my cell phone, or watch TV. Well, maybe the computer – the kids could video chat with the grandparents one last time.

I would tell each member of my family my Top 10 for them (see my post about James’s Top 10).

Around 5:55 I would gather my children and husband onto the couch in our living room. We would wait there together and hope that maybe the end of the world would pass us by – you’d be surprised what can happen out in the real world that gets unnoticed in a Manhattan apartment. Hooray for rear-facing units!

And for lists!

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