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Putting Our Money Where My Mouth Is – A Central Park Challenge Challenge

The Central Park Challenge weekend is upon us and boy are we excited (and a little nervous about the 30% chance of rain). We have been touched by the outpouring of support and generosity as we work to raise money for the YAI, but we’re just a few drops short of our goal. So, desperate times…

Our family will match the next 3 donations that come in for The Foorce, so act now while your money is worth double (i.e. if you donate $15 it’s like donating $30). 

To make a donation to our team please go to and click on “Support the Foorce!” ANY amount is greatly appreciated by us and by the YAI.
And there’s still time to join us on Saturday – anyone is welcome, and when I say anyone I mean any age, ability, friends, family and strangers alike. To join, go to and click on the button that says “join team.”
Still not feeling motivated, need more convincing? Please allow me to redirect you to the following link (there are free food offers inside this link, I promise).
The Top Ten Reasons To Join The Foorce 2012:

We have not yet met our goal but I have 100% confidence (okay, 99.999%) – we have never fallen short and I know we won’t this year either.
If you have questions or trouble with the site, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you from all of us for your time, generosity and consideration as we support a cause near and dear to our hearts.
The Searfoorce Family
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