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Slogan Contest – Deadline Extended!

So I didn’t hit my goal of 50 entries by October 1st – guess I’m not as popular as I thought. Come on, mom, where are you with a good zinger when I need one?

All kidding aside, I am lifting the deadline and imposing a new end to the contest – 50 entries. I am actually very close to hitting that magic number. Why 50? Why not 40, or 100? Somehow, I feel that 50 is a big enough number to allow enough anonymity so that when I print out slogans I don’t automatically know who wrote what. Yep, actually trying to be a little professional (in between all of the jokes, commentary and sarcasm).

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a recap of the contest (and prizes!):

strength; energy; power; any body of persons combined for joint action.

It’s one of the definitions for “force” that I felt described the kind of force I wanted my blog to be full of. And, I was getting a lot of emails at the time and really felt the need to get the site going, slogan or not. So, like other posts that have been done in the midst of chaos or under time-pressure, looking back at the slogan I began to feel that it was “not quite right.” The more I looked, the less I liked. More readers looking, even less liking.

I have received numerous compliments on my catchy blog name. Unfortunately, I can take very little credit since my last name was the creative inspiration. If my last name had been “Smith” or “Jones” I would probably be holding a contest for a blog name, too.


That’s where you come in. I need a new, catchy slogan. One that I could put on a business card that would help describe the type of blog is. It should be something to do with the word “force,” though force doesn’t have to be in the actual sentence. There are lots of popular “force phrases” to get you started: “force to be reckoned with,” “use the Force,” “force multiplier,” “driving force,” etc. You can tell I’ve been brainstorming :) , though not very successfully.

“Rules” and Other Guidelines I Made Up

The contest starts now and will go through October 1st, 2011. You can submit as many ideas as you like. The top 3 slogans will be placed in a poll on this site from October 1-31, 2011. At the end of October the phrase with the highest number of votes will win 1st place and will replace the slogan on this site. The top 3 slogans will all receive a prize (see below for details).

To submit an idea to the contest, email me at with your name, a way to contact you should you win, and your slogan/catchphrase. The subject of your email should be FOORCE SLOGAN CONTEST SUBMISSION. Because of the high volume of emails I have been receiving lately, it is important to put this line in your subject heading so that I don’t mistakenly overlook your submission.


I solemnly swear not to enter any of my own ideas into the contest to try and win one of these prizes (though I seriously want to)! Instead of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, 1st place will get to pick from the prizes (listed below) first, 2nd place will pick between the two prizes that are left and 3rd place gets the remaining prize. The prizes listed below are not in any particular order.

Early Intervention Games: Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders

Though this book says “Early Intervention” in the title, I’m seriously thinking of ordering it for my 10 yr old because the “games” seem like great ideas 1) to work on some of his phobias, 2) to try new skills in a silly and subtle way and 3) to play with James and his younger siblings at the same time.

As you can see when you click the link above, the book gets great reviews and is geared toward a wide variety of children. However, if this book doesn’t seem like the right fit for your child(ren), our donor has generously offered to provide a copy of Attention Games instead. Thank you, Amazon!

DMF Memorabilia Extravanganza!

DMF continues its AAA trend (All-Around Awesomeness) by donating  bunch of great items to my little contest. The prize includes a DMF tote bag, hat and umbrella. Like its founders, Daniel’s Music Foundation items are attractive and high quality, and promote an incredibly worthy cause in NYC.

One Year Subscription to Something Special Magazine

Something Special Magazine is a publication geared toward parents raising special needs children. I looked through some back issues (available online) and was thoroughly impressed at the high quality and relevance of the articles – I’ve always been on the lookout for aParenting-type of magazine that was actually pertinent to James, and this definitely fits the bill.

The creator and editor, Katrina Laygo, has five children, one with autism (I thought I was busy!). She not only runs this amazing publication but recently started Georgia’s first Higher Education Scholarship Fund for graduating seniors that have a diagnosis of autism or cerebral palsy, the Nathan’s Something Special Scholarship Fund, INC.

Ready, Set, Go!

I have high hopes and look forward to finding a great new slogan for The Foorce (and 50 entries)!!

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