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10% off at The Quad

Sign up by April 2nd and get 10% any class or program at The Quad! Be sure to mention this blog to receive your discount.

Some of you might remember meeting Kimberly Busi, Director and Sarah Clay, Associate Director at one of our recent meetings. For those of you who may not be familiar with The Quad, I have pasted a summary from their website,, below:

“The Quad Manhattan is an educational and recreational center dedicated to a Twice Exceptional model of learning.  The term “Twice Exceptional” or 2e refers to children who have gifts or talents in one area (one exception) yet have cognitive or social learning differences  (the other exception).  Following 2e best practices, The Quad is truly individualized,  differentiating for BOTH strengths and differences.  While some may NEED this model to meet their academic and social potential, it is our belief that ALL children benefit from it.  Through our unique classes,  highly sophisticated  instruction and individualized support , The Quad builds an inclusive community of tolerance and respect for all members of the family.”

The Quad has a sensory gym, a lot of really unique pre-school and school age classes and programs including film-making, robotics workshops, gaming, doll making, dancing and martial arts, and tutoring services. They are located at 54 Reade Street in Manhattan.

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