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Monday Minute: Coming In For A Landing… No Wait, Nevermind, Still In Space

Apparently James has decided to extend his visit to the moon this week… perhaps considering a career with NASA?


James is in italics, my responses are in bold.

(James enters kitchen as I make breakfast and pack lunches)

Mom where are my bagels?

In the toaster.

Can I have coffee?

Go ahead and make it – you know what to do.


What ingredients do you need?

Milk, sugar and some coffee.

Right – go to it while I finish making breakfast.

(Opens fridge)

Here you go! (hands me the cream cheese)

(I put cream cheese back into the fridge) James, what are you doing?

Making coffee.

What do you need?

Hmmm…. oh, there it is! (Hands me the cream cheese again)

(putting it back again) James.


Where is the milk?

Right here. (points to the milk)

Please pour yourself a mug of milk. (put milk on the counter next to his mug)

Okay. (before closing the fridge door, reaches in hands me the cream cheese.)

James I don’t want the cream cheese.

It’s for my bagels.

Oh, I thought you wanted peanut butter.

I do.

And cream cheese?

No, gross. (puts cream cheese back)

Do you want peanut butter and jelly or an enchilada in your lunch today?

Peanut butter and jelly.


Oh, since I have a peanut butter sandwich I will have cream cheese on my bagel. (gets cream cheese out)