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Vote to give someone special a Best Day! Hurry, contest ends on Nov. 22nd!

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve written about the Best Day Foundation in the past and am happy to have found a way to help this incredible organization – a few seconds of your time can make a huge difference here!

Best Day Foundation -
$25K for Best Day with 2-3 clicks…and some luck OR??

If you vote for Best Day and get a friend or two to do the same, we could win $25K from Chase Community Giving. That would help over 200 kids experience the thrill of riding a wave or sliding down a ski slope! We’re just asking for a couple of clicks and having you ask your friends to do the same.

Why vote?
We spend countless hours writing grants and fundraising so we can keep our programs free for all participants. With just a few seconds of your time can make this the easiest $25K we’ve ever raised — BUT that’s only if you vote. We’ve got over 3,000 people on our mailing list – so, if everyone voted, we’d win for sure. Please help more kids with special needs to surf and play in the snow – with your vote by Tuesday Nov 22nd!

How do I Help?
Simply click the image above, (log into Facebook & allow the Chase Community Giving app permission if necessary*) and then click the green Vote and Share button. That’s it – you’re done! Though we’d appreciate it if you engaged all the FB friends you know to do the same. Who knows, the top recipeient gets $500K and the next top 4 get $100K.

*No need to worry about SPAM from Chase — they didn’t even send us an email to let us know this was happening!

What do I do with my 9 other votes?
You can only vote for Best Day once BUT you canhelp other awesome non-profits! So please also vote for Jimmy Miller Foundation, Life Rolls On, Surfers Environmental Alliance, Ride a Wave, and some of the other great non-profits we recommend. Or search the Chase site for your favorite non-profits.

Think of all the good you can do with just a few clicks today! Angry Birds, Mob Wars, Farmville, and all those other FB games will be there forever — but this chance to help ends on Nov 22nd. So vote today — and please tell your friends!

It was the most productive time we’ve ever spent on Facebook. Thanks for helping!

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