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Opportunity For Parents Of Autistic Children To Be Featured In A Documentary

I received an email yesterday that I thought I would pass along. Parents are currently being invited to be interviewed for a documentary about autism. Part of the announcement is copied below, along with a link containing more details:

The main focus of the documentary is to learn about the issues created for parents and families as a result of caring for a child with autism. We invite all parents of any child with autism to participate, regardless of where the child is on the spectrum (ex, low or high functioning).  It is a requirement that fathers be a part of the interview. Parents do not necessarily have to be together, although we are interested in having both parents participate. All replies are strictly confidential.

The following groups of parents will be examined in this documentary:
1)      Group 1 = Parents, 27 years old and younger, who have just
recently diagnosed that their child is on the autism spectrum.
2)      Group 2 = Older parents, 28 years and older, with a young child
recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum.
3)      Group 3 = Parents of a child with autism currently at the age of
4)      Group 4 = Parents of adults with autism – whether raised at
home or in a residential facility or institution
5)      Group 5 = Parents of any age of undiagnosed children with a
strong suspicion that the child is on the spectrum
6)      Parents of any age of multiple children on the spectrum,
regardless of age

Click here for more information about the documentary. Please have any parent interested contact Alexandra Meis, the Autism Treatment & Advocacy Center Coordinator at or


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