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The Special People, Places, and Things that January 2012 Brings: Looking for Special Needs Events in NYC? Look NO Further!

Maybe one of my new year’s resolutions should have been to have titles no longer than five words…

I know I’m behind on posting lately, but wow am I still trying to dig out from the email pile that accumulated over winter break (unlike any snow). In any case, with each email I open I am just beginning to realize how much there is going on around the city this month – I don’t even know where to start!

Here is a look at just some of the stuff you won’t want to miss (organized by agency/group, NOT by date):

RCSN Workshops:

Turning Five Developing Positive Behaviors
Understand the options and possibilities
for your child with special needs as you
transition to kindergarten together.
Explore typical causes for inappropriate
behaviors in school. Partner with educators
to reduce behavior problems and keep your
child in school and learning.

10:00 – 12:30 pm

9:30– 11:30 am
116 E 16th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003
P.S. 63
121 E. 3rd Street
New York, NY 1000

Preparing for Life after High School, 1/11/2012, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

HELP! Family Support Services
9:00 – 11:00 AM

Yoga = Parent Empowerment
10:00 – 12 Noon

***Saturday January 28–SPECIAL NEEDS SUMMER CAMP FAIR (not to be missed!) FREE***

Great summer resources and a free copy of RCSN’s Camps 2011-2012

Sign language and Spanish translators available

11:00 AM-3:00 PM, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, Columbus Ave. & West 60th Street Manhattan

Registration required for the above events (except for the camp fair).

For a full description of workshops and to register online,
Register by phone: 212-677-4650

To register for the camp fair and a prize drawing, go to


The Quad Monday Workshop Series, 54 Read Street, 10007

PCIT: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Matt Goldfine, PhD., January 23rd 6:30-8:30 pm

PCIT is an empirically validated intervention that involves working with parents and their young children to learn more effective ways of positively interacting, improving child compliance, and reducing disruptive behavior. The first phase, Child-Directed Interactions, involves learning traditional play therapy skills designed to enhance the parent-child relationship, improve child social skills, and encourage good behavior, while cultivating parent attention to be a powerful reward. The second phase, Parent-Directed Interactions, involves learning and practicing structured and effective techniques for discipline. A variant, TCIT, coaches teachers and other providers for better interactions in educational settings.

Matthew Goldfine, PhD.  specializes in providing PCIT to families at Columbia University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders under the mentorship of Dr. Anne Marie Albano. Dr. Goldfine trained under Dr. Cheryl McNeil, co-author of both editions of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, and has numerous years of experience in PCIT. He has published scholarly articles and book chapters about PCIT.


Fitness For Focus Semester Kicks Off With Free Trials!

Sensei Glenn, 646-213-0973, 131 West 72nd Street
Spring Session Begins – Sunday, January 29th, Monday, January 30th
14 week Spring Session ending on Sunday, June 3, 2012, Monday, June 4.

Free Trial Classes on Sunday, January 29th, Monday, January 30th


Special Day for Special Families at the Transit Museum

Sunday, January 22, 10:00AM 

Families with children with special needs will have the museum exclusively to themselves from 10-11.

During this time, admission is FREE!

After 11:00, the doors open to the general public.  Families with children with special needs will get a 50% discount on admission.

Both our monthly art project and our Music & Play will be held at the museum.

At 10:30, we will do a family art project with old metrocards. Children can start collecting them now!

At 12:30, the M. Shanghai String Band will play on the tracks!

There will also be a special quiet room for overstimulated kids…


Free Screening of “ADD and Loving It”

**This Wednesday, January 11th**

Host: The Hallowell Center

What: Free Screening of “ADD And Loving It” followed by a discussion with Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell & his staff

When: Wednesday January 11, 6:00-8:30PM

Where: PS163 Alfred E. Smith School, Auditorium (163 W. 97th St.)

RSVP: Call Denise Boline at (212) 799-7777, ext. 100 or email


Feel free to add January 2012 events in the comments section or to email me with future events!


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Denise Boline

Hallowell Center,New York

Telephone: 212-799-7777 ext 100

Fax: 212-799-7772





Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell And His Staff Invite The Public To View The Documentary “ADD And Loving It,” Learn About, And Discuss ADHD


NEW YORK, NY — December 2, 2011 – On Wednesday, January 11, 6 p.m., the Hallowell Center of New York will host a free screening of “ADD & Loving It”, a humorous and informative film about ADHD, followed by discussion with world-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell and the all-star staff of the Hallowell Center.


The terms “ADHD” or “ADD” generally bring to mind kids with excess energy. What do you suppose happens to all of those kids? A majority of them, around 2/3, in fact, grow into adults with ADHD. Today’s adults, however, grew up in a time when ADHD was poorly understood and rarely diagnosed or treated.  Many of their children are now experiencing the same difficulties they themselves faced as children.


In this one-hour documentary, Canadian comedy legend Patrick McKenna is after the truth. He talks to researchers, specialists, doctors as well as ordinary people who are dealing with the challenges of ADHD. Interwoven with these insights, Patrick shares his own story and his struggle with undiagnosed and untreated ADD, and his present success in taking on Adult ADHD.


Immediately following the film, Dr. Hallowell and his staff of specialists will host a lively discussion.  Reservations are required as seating will be limited.  For information or reservations call 212-799-7777 or email:


Edward M. Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD and who also has ADHD. He is the co-author of 18 books on the subject ADHD including the best sellers Driven to Distraction (1994) and Delivered From Distraction (2005). He founded the Hallowell Center, which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in both children and adults.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Denise Boline at 212-799-7777 or email Denise at

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