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AHRC New York City: Assistance For Families With Special Needs

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Just added to Websites and Resources: NYC Accessibility Guides

If you’re visiting (or live in) NYC, this website has information on everything from luxury wheelchair service to accessible Broadway shows and adaptive sports.

YAI NYC: Autism and Other Special Needs Services for Families

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Click HERE for my latest review on Mommy Poppins about one of my favorite organizations in NYC.

Current Openings At The YAI: Unique Special Needs Programs and Services Around NYC

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Since we recently moved to a new borough I thought it would be a good idea to see what special needs programs and services YAI  had in Brooklyn. I saw that there are a bunch of great openings and opportunities being offered all over NYC so I’ve posted the entire list, current as of 9/30/12:

Service Openings

Featured Program Openings 

Potential Residential Opening, Brooklyn ICF:  Potential opportunity for a male, age 21-55 years, who functions within severe/profound range, but who can evacuate two flights of stairs without physical assitance. Contact Tom Ott, 212-273-6462, for more information and to apply.

Potential Residential Opening, Bronx 24-Hour IRA: Potential opportunity for a female with mild/moderate intellectual disability. Contact Tom Ott, 212-273-6462, for more information and to apply.

Family Services

About YAI’s Family Services

YAI Autism Center: Offering private-pay programs including: Yoga with ballet or dance, social skills groups and music therapy. Call 1-888-YAI-AUTISM.

Manhattan Recreation Programs: Recreation programs for New York City residents over the age of 18, from Tuesdays through Saturdays. Weeknight group activities and Saturday trips. Transportation is not provided. Contact Pamela Accardo at 212-645-1616, ext. 618 or Edna Bay at 212-645-1616, ext. 620.

Project Intervene: Short-term intervention services for behavior management, toilet training, travel and other skills training are provided to individuals and their families in the home and/or group settings. Training programs are designed for parents of children with disabilities who reside in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Availability is based on where you live. Toilet training workshops are also available. Services provided in English and Spanish. For more information, call 212-273-6314 in Manhattan, and 212-273-6297 for Spanish. In Brooklyn, please call 718-306-1300, ext.411 for English and ext.412 for Spanish.

Family Reimbursement: Provides limited funds to families for services and goods that are not reimbursed through other programs or funding streams. For Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens residents. Contact Shanique Soto at 212-273-6585.

Manhattan Autism Social Skills Groups: Accepting applications for program teaching social skills to children aged 9-18 years old on the autism spectrum residing with their parents in Manhattan. Contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182.

Family Support Series for Caregivers of Children with Autism (all ages): Support groups for parents and caregivers of people with autism. New groups begin this month. To pre-register and for more information, contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182. See latest group schedule

Leisure Trax Vacation Program: Free or low cost trips and vacations for Bronx residents 18 or older, living with their families. Trips are open to residents of other boroughs. Contact LINK at 212-273-6182. Application and travel schedule available on the Leisure Trax page

Parents With Special Needs: Accepting referrals for program for parents with developmental disabilities who live with their children in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. Contact Nafiza Somaipersaud at 212-793-2182, ext. 203.

Manhattan Overnight Respite: 24-hour professional supervision from Friday afternoon until Monday morning for children 5 and older. Must be ambulatory. Contact Vanessa White Germany at 212-255-2673.

Manhattan Holiday Respite – ages 6-18 with DD, live at home with their family. Taking applications for waiting list – contact Tanicqua Davis 212-273-6503

Independent Living Program: Six-month classroom course for Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan residents to develop independent living skills. For application forms, contact Shanique Soto at 212-273-6585.

Brooklyn Children and Adolescent Program: Saturday recreation program for children 6 and older. Contact LINK 212-273-6182.

Brooklyn Leisure Trax: Recreation program for adults 18 and older. Contact LINK212-273-6182.

Brooklyn Saturday Drop Off: Recreation programs Brooklyn residents 16 and older. Contact Cheryl Jones at 718-743-5311.

Brooklyn Autism Social Skills Groups: Accepting applications for program offering structured and supervised opportunities for socialization in an after school setting to children aged 5-12 years old on the autism spectrum residing with their parents in Brooklyn. Contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182.

Brooklyn Yoga Ballet: 10-week Yoga/Ballet class for girls and boys with autism, between the ages 3-10. For more information, contact LINK at 212-273-6182.

Project Grow: Seven-week behavior management training for parents of children with developmental disabilities, conducted in group settings. Topics include specific behavior techniques to promote positive family interactions. Peer support is provided. Families must reside in Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island or Queens. Day and evening groups are available in both English and Spanish. Possibility of Cantonese groups. For more information, call 212-273-6259.

Project Grown-Up: Five-week education group for parents of children with developmental disabilities. Basic and advanced parent training covers relationships and sexuality with adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. Focus on child’s physiological development and interpersonal issues of relationships. Program is available to parents whose children reside with them in Manhattan or Queens. Day and evening groups are available in both English and Spanish. Possibility of Cantonese groups. For more information, call 212-273-6259.

Queens Crisis Intervention Program: In-home behavioral management program for parents available in both English and Spanish.  Parent training groups outside of the home (like project GROW) are also available. Call Lewanda Wallace at 718-793-2182, ext. 221 or Jackie Nunez at 718-793-2182, ext. 231 assistance in Spanish.

Brooklyn Extend-a-Family: Overnight respite provided in the home of a host family. Available for young children who are non-ambulatory. Contact Cheryl Jones at 718-743-5311, ext. 6313.

Bronx In-home respite – In-home respite for children and adults with DD. Contact Tanicqua Davis 212-273-6503.

Queens Saturday Recreation Programs: Activities for individuals 16 and older. Contact Michael VanConant 212-645-1616 x 667

Queens Thank Goodness it’s the Weekend: Socialization group meet twice a month on Fridays for people 16 and older. Contact Michael VanConant 212-645-1616 x 667.

Queens After School Program: After school respite for children 6-15. Contact Stacy Tinglin 718-793-8695 x 210.

Queens In-Home Respite: In-home respite for children with special needs, age 3 and older. Contact Stacy Tinglin 718-793-8695 x 210.

Manhattan STAR Academy

About Manhattan STAR Academy

Manhattan: Accepting inquiries for the Manhattan STAR Academy, a unique learning opportunity for elementary school children. Contact Rae Eisdorfer at 212-420-0510 for information, application and tuition.

Premier HealthCare

About Premier HealthCare

Manhattan: Openings for internal medicine, pediatrics, dental, gynecology, physical therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, neurology (adult), weight management program, and a program for people with physical disabilities.

Bronx: Openings for internal medicine, pediatrics, dental, neurology (adult), podiatry, occupantonial therapy, physical therapy,  prosthetics & orthotics.

Queens: Openings for internal medicine, pediatrics, dental, dental desensitization, podiatry, dermatology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, physiatry/wheelchair clinic, prosthetics & orthotics, and endocrinology (adult).

Brooklyn: Openings for internal medicine, dental, dental desensitization, pediatrics, dermatology, neurology (adult), gynecology, speech therapy, podiatry, endocrinology (adult), and physiatry/wheelchair clinic.

For new referrals, additional services or information, contact YAI LINK at 1-866-2-YAI-LINK, TDD: 212-290-2787.

Center for Specialty Therapy

About YAI’s Center for Specialty Therapy

Manhattan: Psychosocial evaluations in English and Spanish are available. Contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182

Queens: Psychosocial evaluations in Enlish and Spanish (includes evening and Saturday hours) are available. Contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182.

Brooklyn: Psychosocial evaluations in English are available. Contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182.

Bronx:  Psychosocial evaluations in Elblish and Spanish are available. Contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182.

Families living in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn who need evaluations to access OPWDD services but who do not have insurance that will cover them can contact YAI LINK at 212-273-6182.

Day Services

About YAI’s Day Services

Manhattan: Openings in Manhattan programs. Contact Domingo Hernandez at 212-645-1616 ext. 634.

Employment Services

About YAI’s Employment Services

Manhattan Employment Services: Training in job-specific skills for adults with developmental disabilities. Openings in a variety of programs. Contact Satera Febus at 212-273-6100, ext. 2448.

Bronx Employment: Accepting applications for a variety of programs. Contact Ruth Jeffers at 718-792-6221, ext. 205.

Brooklyn Supported Work and Training: Accepting applications. Contact Sara Schacter Erenburg at 718-368-9311.

Queens Supported Work and Training Accepting applications. Contact Chris Bechler at 718-389-1300 x227.

There are openings citywide for people with developmental disabilities who are employed and need follow-along support services.

Bloomberg Kicks Off First Day Of School With New Text Messaging Service

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I can NOT believe I sent James to middle school today – unreal. Wishing you (and me) a smooth, successful and happy first day of school!

OPWDD Survey On Strengthening The System – Make Yourself Heard

Thank you to Margaret Puddington for sharing this information:


Dear Friends and Colleagues:
As you know, there are many changes underway within our service delivery system. Because of your involvement, reforms that have been implemented or are in development now, are making our system stronger every day. We want to keep our progress going, and continue to empower all stakeholders in a meaningful way.
OPWDD is currently reviewing all of the laws, regulations and memorandum that exist across our system and impact our work – and we need your feedback on any changes that you believe are necessary to better meet our mission of enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities through our four primary goals: home, health, meaningful relationships and activities in the community. 
We have set up an online survey, which can be completed anonymously. Upon viewing the link, you will see that one survey is for individuals and advocates, while a second is written for service providers (direct support professionals, clinicians, organization management) and quality improvement staff.
For individuals and families, we are interested in knowing what requirements prevent you from having the life you want, as well as the requirements that have value to you and should not be changed. For service providers, we want to know what requirements prevent you from providing quality person-centered services, as well as the requirements you value most in your work.
Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness, and taking the time to participate in this important survey. Please share this information with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Anyone without internet access can call 518-474-3625.
Commissioner Burke
P.S. Communication is critical to our collective success, and OPWDD’s Facebook page is a great place for individuals, family members, employees, advocates, and other stakeholders to exchange thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to join the conversation.

(Some) Special Needs Events Around NYC August/September 2012

Sorry, I’ve fallen a bit behind on posting great events like these this summer. Here are some of the unique meetings, workshops, events and classes being offered through September for special needs children and caregivers. And don’t forget to check Upcoming Events for social meetups of The Foorce.


8/15/12, 10:00AM

How to Seek and Maintain Accessible Housing

UCP, 1770 Stillwell Ave,1st floor, Bronx

718-436-7979 ext 704,


8/16/12, 10:00AM

Getting Your Child To and From School: The Ins and Outs of School Transportation

Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

718 – 998-3000


8/17/12, all day events 

Surfers’ Environmental Alliance’s 6th Annual: SEAPaddle NYC Event and White Water Evening for Autism


8/23/12, 10:00-12:30PM  

Sexuality Education: Why it Matters and Where to Start

YAI,460 West 34th St., 11th floor, Manhattan

YAI LINK 212-273-6182 or toll free 1-866-2-YAILINK


8/30/12, 10:00AM  

Yoga and Relaxation

YAI,460 West 34th St., 11th floor, Manhattan

YAI LINK 212-273-6182 or toll free 1-866-2-YAILINK


9/8/12, 7:30PM

My Time Inc. Wine and Cheese

1312 E 84th St, Brooklyn


9/12/12, 10:00-12:30PM

What to do if You’re Just Getting Started- Accessing Services

YAI, 460 West 34th St., 11th floor, Manhattan

YAI LINK 212-273-6182 or toll free 1-866-2-YAILINK


9/15/12, 3:00-4:00PM

Dance FUNdamentals – ages 11-17

Mark Morris Dance Studios, Brooklyn

runs through 11/3/12  every Saturday, $130


9/22/12, 10:00AM




9/22/12, 12:00PM

18th Annual NYC Buddy Walk in Central Park


9/30/12, 1:00PM

Autism Friendly performance of “The Lion King”

Minskoff Theater, 200 W 45th St, Manhattan (get on the waitlist in case there are cancellations)

This Friday, May 18th: Summer Camps, Activities and Social Groups for Special Needs Families

The last meeting of The Foorce is scheduled for May 18th, 2012 at 9:00AM and will be held at PS 163 (corner of W. 97th and Amsterdam) in the library.

The meeting will be all about special needs summer activities and camps – I’ve collected more than a few handouts over the last couple months of camp fairs and conferences and I’m looking to share. Attendees will be given a Spring/Summer edition of the new Special Parent magazine, receive a multi-page booklet with local summer activities and also have the opportunity to find out about and sign up for the casual, free social group that has met weekly for the last 3 summers. It’s a great social outlet if your child isn’t booked up for the summer (we have committed to zilch so far, yikes!).

If that isn’t enough, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the fast-approaching Central Park Challenge (June 2nd) and even to find out about Fall activities like soccer, whose registration is open right now!

Anyone and everyone with a special needs friend or loved one is invited to join us so please help to spread the word. The meeting will run from 9:00am until everyone leaves and small children are welcome (I’m bringing 2!).

Hope to see you there this Friday!

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