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Special Needs Halloween Costume Ideas

October 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Still debating costumes for yourself or your special needs child? If you’re anything like our family, James and I discuss the same 3 costume choices year after year, none of which involve helmets, masks, face paint, scratchy material, special shoes, sound effects or anything scary. What they all do involve are Star Wars, Harry Potter or Nintendo characters. Put the last two sentences together and that equals….. yep, about 3 costumes.

My 3 yr old and James are going as the Mario brothers this year – James is Mario. To make it sensory friendly (for both of them) we are using an eyeliner pencil for a mustache  and wearing cotton t-shirts underneath the scratchy overall costume. I wanted my 4 yr old to go as Princess Peach but she insisted on being Ariel, and with her red hair who was I to resist? I just hope she lets me brush it the night before!

Need some ideas?

Click here for hundreds of special costumes for wheelchair users, people with sensory issues, and more!

Halloween Social Story – How To Trick Or Treat

October 18, 2013 Leave a comment

I reprinted this social story with permission from One Place For Special Needs (thanks!) We make a book out of this each year to read to the kids, James included.

Trick or Treating Social Story:

It’s fun to go trick or treating!  Here is what to do.

knock on doorI ring the doorbell or knock on the door. Read more…

Top Ten: Substitutions to survive dairy and soy free

Cow_-_Flickr_-_USDAgovAs I recently mentioned, we’ve discovered that Ian has a bunch of severe food allergies, requiring me to cut all soy and dairy out of my own diet while we get things figured out. I won’t lie, this last month has been no picnic – no pun intended. Milk, coffee creamer, cheese, chocolate, sour cream, baked goods, and butter have all played feature roles in my life, as have tofu, bread, crackers, soy sauce, and a whole slew of items I never would’ve dreamed had soy in them.

But as with many challenges, I’m now on the other side of the soy/dairy free dilemma and am ready to share the fruits of my (frantic) labor with you. Whether you’re looking to limit your dairy and soy for lifestyle reasons (crazy) or you’ve been banned from it all like I was, the following ten items have provided adequate to excellent substitutions for everyday soy and dairy products, and have eased my pain considerably. Instead of the initial heart attack it’s feeling like more of a dull ache these days.

Top Ten: Substitutions to survive dairy and soy free Read more…

AHRC New York City: Assistance For Families With Special Needs

Check out my latest post about AHRC New York City on Mommy Poppins!

Just added to Websites and Resources: NYC Accessibility Guides

If you’re visiting (or live in) NYC, this website has information on everything from luxury wheelchair service to accessible Broadway shows and adaptive sports.

Advocates For Children of New York: School Info and Education Assistance for NYC Families

February 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Click here to see my review of Advocates for Children, the latest entry in my series of posts on Mommy Poppins about resources/agencies for special needs children.

How Students In Wheelchairs Can Get Free Yellow Cab Service, Plus NYC Bus Strike Update

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

I really hope the city is serious about reimbursing parents during this bus strike because after two weeks, car service is nearly surpassing our weekly grocery bill.

CLICK HERE to find out how the strike is affecting NYC special needs families as well as for information about how your child can get free yellow cab service to school if they are wheelchair bound. CLICK HERE to get the latest update on the strike itself – sounds like some special needs buses went back on the road today with replacement drivers, and that there will be some further announcement by Union 1181 tomorrow at 10:30 (hopefully that this madness is coming to an end).

Happy Special Camp Fair Day!

January 26, 2013 Leave a comment
One of my favorite resource events ever, and especially pertinent as we consider trying a summer camp for James this year.
You’re invited to RCSN’s FREE Special Camp Fair TODAY!

camp fair sun logo for eblast 2Camp Fair Ad 2013 internal bottom
Winter is the time to think about summer camp. Camps open registration in the next few weeks, and space and financial assistance is limited.

You can meet experts from over 70 summer programs serving children and teens with special needs at the Special Camp Fair TODAY, from 11 AM to 3 PM, at Church of St. Paul the Apostle, Manhattan (see map below). Camp Fair is a “come as long as you want to” event. Come whenever you can and stay as long as you need to.  Read more…

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