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Why We Finally Chose A Contained Classroom Setting

September 12, 2013 4 comments

james 6th gradeRead my latest piece on the Child Mind Institute, about inclusive vs. contained classroom settings and our experience in both.

Child Mind Institute: Important Mental Health Info For Kids At Your Fingertips

a-SYMPTOM-CHECKER-640x468[2] (1)Check out my latest post on Mommy Poppins.

The Friendship Circle: Socializing NYC Kids with Special Needs

Here’s my latest Mommy Poppins article on The Friendship Circle in NYC.

Toys Your Kids Will Actually Play With

One of my posts about veteran toys was recycled on I highly encourage you to browse their fabulous, resourceful site and keep an eye out for my upcoming review of the organization later this month.

Special Needs Dance Classes for NYC Kids

Check out my latest article on Mommy Poppins about special needs dance classes in NYC.

Worst Charities List 2013

America’s 50 Worst Charities were just revealed this week, and I felt compelled to share the list with you because some disability organizations were on it. The list is searchable so you can check before you give.

AHRC New York City: Assistance For Families With Special Needs

Check out my latest post about AHRC New York City on Mommy Poppins!

Special Needs Music Classes and Lessons in NYC

Click here to read my latest article on Mommy Poppins about special needs music classes and lessons around NYC. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget dancers – they have their own post coming out soon 🙂

Special Note: DMF’s big spring concert is on May 19th this year – the theme is Motown (oh yeah). There are two performances, and since they are both awesome and FREE, seating is limited and fills up fast. You can visit or email for more information. James will be performing again, so hope to see you there!

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