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Special Needs Halloween Costume Ideas

Still debating costumes for yourself or your special needs child? If you’re anything like our family, James and I discuss the same 3 costume choices year after year, none of which involve helmets, masks, face paint, scratchy material, special shoes, sound effects or anything scary. What they all do involve are Star Wars, Harry Potter or Nintendo characters. Put the last two sentences together and that equals….. yep, about 3 costumes.

My 3 yr old and James are going as the Mario brothers this year – James is Mario. To make it sensory friendly (for both of them) we are using an eyeliner pencil for a mustache  and wearing cotton t-shirts underneath the scratchy overall costume. I wanted my 4 yr old to go as Princess Peach but she insisted on being Ariel, and with her red hair who was I to resist? I just hope she lets me brush it the night before!

Need some ideas?

Click here for hundreds of special costumes for wheelchair users, people with sensory issues, and more!

Why We Finally Chose A Contained Classroom Setting

September 12, 2013 4 comments

james 6th gradeRead my latest piece on the Child Mind Institute, about inclusive vs. contained classroom settings and our experience in both.

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Toys Your Kids Will Actually Play With

One of my posts about veteran toys was recycled on I highly encourage you to browse their fabulous, resourceful site and keep an eye out for my upcoming review of the organization later this month.

Special Needs Dance Classes for NYC Kids

Worst Charities List 2013

America’s 50 Worst Charities were just revealed this week, and I felt compelled to share the list with you because some disability organizations were on it. The list is searchable so you can check before you give.