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How Music Lessons Helped


The picture is old, but the content is recent on, featuring my latest story about James’ favorite place to rock out. Click here for the full article.

Adaptive Water Sports For Special Needs Kids

August - September 2010 158Check out my latest article on Mommy Poppins, about the variety of amazing free and low cost water sport programs offered in and around NYC.


Special Needs-Friendly Amusement Parks Near NYC

August - September 2010 117Check out my latest article on Mommy Poppins about amusement parks within a couple hours of NYC that have some great special needs accommodations! Read more…

Extreme Kids and Crew

Allergen-Free Bakeries in NYC

20140222_161159_resizedCheck out my latest post on Mommy Poppins, where I turn Ian’s allergies into a delicious experience (though I’m counting the days until I have a real slice of pizza!).

Special Needs-Friendly Ski Resorts Near NYC: Adaptive Winter Programs For Kids

In celebration of all of this (damned) snow, CLICK HERE to read my latest article on Mommy Poppins, and as an extra bonus a cute picture of Ryan and Margaret romping in the snow 🙂

The Child’s Place: Special Needs Programming At Brooklyn Public Library