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Monday Minute: Why was B afraid of D?

I'm going to try "Why did the chicken cross the road?" on them next.

I’m going to try “Why did the chicken cross the road?” on them next.

Nope, that’s not some clever trick title. It’s the beginning of a variety of jokes told around the house, ever since nobody got my “Why was 6 afraid of 7” joke. Here’s the dinner conversation this evening:

Brigid (my sister): Hey Adam, why was B afraid of C?

Adam: I can’t do a joke right now.

Brigid: Oh, well….

Adam (finishes chewing): Okay, I’m ready now. Why was B afraid of D?

Brigid: Why?

Adam: No, you say “don’t know.”

Me: Don’t know.

Adam: Not you, I’m telling a joke to Brigid.

Me: O-kaaaayy.

Brigid: Don’t know.

Adam: Because D had spiders all over it! Haaaaaaaa!

James and Margaret guffaw loudly as if this is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.

James: I got one. Why was P afraid of R?

Brigid: Um, why?

James: Because R ate a bad hot dog and threw up all over him. (kids all screech hysterically)

Me: Guys, you seriously need to calm down before your father gets home… or at least… (I trail off because nobody is listening to me)

Ryan walks in.

Me: Oh good.

Adam: Dad, why was A afraid of D? (kids are all overlapping various ridiculous jokes at each other)

Ryan (surveys chaos as he sits down to dinner): Hey, Adam. Knock knock.

Adam: Who’s there?

Ryan: Can you bring me the green top hot sauce in the fridge?

Adam: Haaaaaa! (without missing a beat) Nope, can’t do it.

James (from kitchen): Haaaaaaa!

Seriously, it’s a laugh a minute over here.

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