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Top Ten 2013 Resolutions: The Results Are (Finally) In!

Times_Square_Ball_from_aboveIn 2013 I continued the tradition of posting my New Year’s resolutions to the general public in an effort to better keep them. And here we are, unbelievably, in the second week of 2014. I noticed that last year I posted my results on New Year’s Eve and my resolutions on New Year’s Day. How did that happen?!

Reluctantly, as I worked on goals for 2014, I took a look at last year’s resolutions. Here is my report card in all of its glory. Kind of.

In 2013, I firmly resolved to:

10. Take the kids outside 5 days per week. It doesn’t have to be hours at the playground, but walking to the corner mailbox doesn’t count (anymore), even if it is cold and windy.

Result: Except for a couple of really extreme weather weeks (100+ or below 0) I often accomplished 5 days per week, though not always. 4 days outside was regularly achieved though, so I’m going to generously award myself an A- on this one.

9. Respond to emails within 48 hours.

Result: Last year, I confessed to having 11,194 unread emails in my inbox at the end of the year (and I gave up exaggerating numbers in 2011). As of today, I currently have 11,577 unread emails in my inbox. So if you haven’t heard back from me and it’s been more than a week, you should probably try again. If you’re not annoyed and if it’s still even relevant. F. 

8. Post on thefoorce.com more. Watch How I Met Your Mother in the wee hours less. More specifically, post at least 2 times per week with quality original work.

Result: I definitely watched less TV in 2013 in general, even canceling our Netflix DVD plan. I also definitely posted on thefoorce.com less, as evidenced by my disappearance the last 3+ weeks. What does this mean? 14 month olds are harder than 2 month olds. And, FAIL.

7. Do 1 activity per week with James that is not reading, school-related, or electronic. Brushing his teeth doesn’t count, but bathing him might depending on how much wrestling is involved.

Result: Did better on this one, not every week but most. What activities did we choose from? Helping cook dinner, lego kits, wood building projects, and a handful of board games (which will be discussed in an upcoming post). B.

6. Taking the “broken no button” resolution from last year a step further, I truly want to stop worrying so much about what others think. Not in a “what should I wear today” way, or in a rude, telling you “I don’t care what you think” way – more in a “I’m doing my best and have enough people in this house pouting, whining, complaining or crying at any given time to care” kind of way.

Result: Too busy to care still equals caring less. A.

5. Write those thank you notes. And you thought my email was bad…. If you’re one of the people I missed in 2013 please accept my sincere apologies that you may never see your much-deserved thank you card. It’s probably sitting in the second drawer of my nightstand, half written, or if I’m being brutally honest, marred with some unidentifiable stain that rendered it useless. So really, I’m doing you a favor by leaving it there, right?

Result: UGH. Is there an F-? FAIL. No excuses, either. You’ll see this one back on the 2014 list for sure.

4. Stop cursing, especially the word “dammit,” but also including “crap,” “stupid,” and “Oh my God.” After spending some time with a friend and their uncomfortably dirty mouth, I am recommitted to making this work before the kids pick up my bad habit (I’ve been lucky so far).

Result: Crap, stupid and Oh my God have been a lot better. Yay! Dammit? Dammit. seems to be an appropriate grade here.

3. Enforce internet free hours during the day: 11-1pm and 4-6pm are officially going to be internet free. For me too. Embarrass me if I post during these hours!

Result: I think I actually started writing this one day at 11am until I realized what time it was. Look, I’m not on for long but I check sporadically whenever time allows. You know, to see just how many emails I’ve missed responding to. 4-6 is generally internet free these days because frankly, I’m lucky if I’m able to cook dinner let alone sit down somewhere. D, but I’m thinking this goal is in need of some editing.

2. Follow through with “If you don’t do ___________, you are going to time out.” Enforce time outs calmly, consistently and quickly, even if the kids are screaming and everyone thinks I’m beating them senseless. 

Result: I’m proud to say that I have become much better about this, as numerous annoyed witnesses on the subway, in the grocery store and in the ice skating rink can attest. I’m still having trouble with the whole “keeping calm” thing when more than two children are crying at the same time, which thankfully is not that often. I’m going with a B-  here.

1. Lose 15 pounds.

Result: Am I getting older, or is Brooklyn more suburban than I’ve realized? I lost 2, which really means I gained 5 more, lost 7 and stalled out. 13 to go… D-.


Yikes – d0 D’s count as a pass?

I’d love to hear about any resolutions you met from last year as well as any you’re working on. I’m almost done with my 2014 resolutions and promise it won’t be another month before I actually post them. Along with the dozen or so other posts I’ve started and deserted over the last month. So much to tell, so little time in which to tell it…

I hope your year is off to a fantastic start!

  1. Brandi
    January 13, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    Wow!!! You literally kept up with your 2013 goals! I haven’t a clue what mine were. But, we have implemented some new house rules and goals for 2014…and have been put up for all to see, each and every day!
    1. U made positive boxes for everyone, including Mia (who’s only 4). Every night we will write one positive thing about our day! No matter how suckish it was, there has bound to have been one positive! Do these every day of 2014 and revisit them NYE!
    2. Everyone, dad and mom included, will spend 60 minutes outside every day, unless weather is bad.
    Some other things about treating others better, more respectful, etc.
    So far the entire family has responded really well to it! They especially like the positive boxes!
    My big personal 2014 goal…lose 40 lbs. :-). Eeeeekkkkkk

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