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Gift Ideas For Special Needs Parents and Teachers

256px-Red_Christmas_present_on_white_backgroundThe holiday season is in full swing – does anyone else feel like Christmas sucker-punched you this year? 12 days away? 8 days left of Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping? 6 school days left to show the teachers you can come up with something better than a #1 teacher mug? 16 teachers, paras, and therapists to sincerely acknowledge without taking out a second mortgage?

Don’t panic – I stumbled across a site that might help you out. Click here if you’re looking for a low cost but high quality way to spruce up those gift cards. You Are Strong, You Deserve A Break, You Are Blessed, You Make A Difference… these are just a few of the 28 “Love Notes” found on this site.

You can write them into a card, frame them, incorporate one into a craft with your special needs child, engrave one onto a pencil box (or mug), or use them to inspire your own words. If you’re looking for something slightly more elaborate, you could always wrap one of your favorite love notes around one of these and put some of this in it – what busy parent or teacher wouldn’t appreciate an easy, beautifully put together meal? No, I’m not hinting! Unless my husband happens to be reading this…

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