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Halloween Social Story – How To Trick Or Treat

I reprinted this social story with permission from One Place For Special Needs (thanks!) We make a book out of this each year to read to the kids, James included.

Trick or Treating Social Story:

It’s fun to go trick or treating!  Here is what to do.

knock on doorI ring the doorbell or knock on the door.

hallo2When the person answers the door I say, “Trick or treat” and hold out my bag or Halloween bucket.

hallo3The person will put candy or a different treat in my bag. I say, “Thank you!”

hallo4Then I go to the next house. When I’m tired, I can decide to go home.

There are two extra rules of trick or treating to remember. The first rule is not to go into people’s houses. All kids stand outside the door and wait their turn to get their treat.

hallo5          hallo6

Right way                                   Wrong way

hallo7The second rule is not to eat my candy until I get home and my mom or dad says it’s okay. Eating too much candy will give me a stomachache. If I have a food allergy, some candy may not be okay to eat.

Have a fun time on Halloween!

Tips for parents

Practice trick or treating with your child ahead of time at your own door.  Take your child to the Halloween section of a store and explain that people wear all kinds of costumes.  Talk about the kinds of scary or funny costumes you might see.  If you think your child might be afraid during trick or treating, try making a game of it (e.g. Let’s see how many witches we’ll see today). This will help keep your child’s mind off the scary faces.

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