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Why We Finally Chose A Contained Classroom Setting

james 6th gradeRead my latest piece on the Child Mind Institute, about inclusive vs. contained classroom settings and our experience in both.

  1. Ryan
    January 22, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Stil making decisions about our 9year old daughter. Diagnosed w/ ADHD (7yo) and then ‘high function autism’ (age 9) though psychiatrist felt she has mix of both. Wife and I feel she fits more into ADHD but the ASD comes out in her social communication/comprehension. Also had a scare where she developed a sudden huge stutter (dx with strep infection)-then MD threw PANDAS at us as possibilit within past week.

    We’ve gone from yeshiva day school (3yo)(poor-prior to dx)) to Private-CTT like environment (4yo-good experience)) to CTT- public school (5yo)-stable-optimisitc to Yeshiva (6yo w/ related services(mistake (felt she could be in jewish school w/supports) back to CTT at same public school (6yo-9yo(present)(mixed as school was pressing for self contained right way within 2 weeks of reentering school).

    We pushed back b/c we felt there was not even an attempt to try services like SETTS/Para and we felt we lost a whole year at the yeshiva. We asked for repeat of 1st grade(CTT) with SETTS (mostly good year), 2nd year (they removed SETTS, added para- mixed results, mostly poor) to this year (asked for SETTS+Para). Better year though social is mixed as she struggles with making friends (seems to lean toward the troublemakers).

    EXPERIENCE WITH system prior:

    Our other dtr is what I would say more classically Autistic 13yo (simple ‘basic needs’ communicatin) and has been in non state approved private special ed (since age 6),yearly battle based on Floortime-DIR model.

    The battle for an individualized private approach vs what felt like cookie cutter/round peg-square hole mentality with limited to no real sensory services/ no music therapy/no good equipment/supports/ only behavioral strategies what was what left us to flee ideas of a 6-1-1 or other equivlent in public arena was more refletive of her limitations. In her school she has music therapy, 8-1-3 staffing-kids ratio that feeds her indiivual soul and a warm environment w/ parent groups/sibling groups, small school with director whos 100% accessible.

    With our younger dtr
    yes She is higher functioning (not minimizing her needs (sensory/social/educational). Yes, I admit there is a desire for a more traditional experience and perhaps ill opt for a non traditional environment but feel like id want to go private vs public.

    Just feel the Public arena,though fits snug for some, can be wraught w/ bureacratic system that can stifle the ability of staff to try inovative approaches that dont fit the accepted behavioral system.

    Im not clear where she fits in, perhaps not in CTT but not necessily in public 12-1-1 though probably would do better in smaller setting w/ teachers who understand her needs.

    Tried to apply for NEST but got rejected due to standerized IQ testing was below par (believe her behaviors ADHD interfered more then her not knowing the material tested on.

    APplied for OPWDD got eligibility and trying to get reshab/respite and also applied for YAI social skills group

    Sorry to drone on :> AS said, each child and each decision on program should be an individual decision…not sure what road we will end up on but always open tohearing others approaches.


  2. September 12, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    So happy for you both! Least restrictive environment should be according to each person’s needs. What is “least” for one is not “least” for another! I’m glad you got him out of a stressful, bullying situation! Don’t you hate the other mother pressure? “Once he goes in, you’ll never get him out.” What if that’s what’s best for him!? I’m glad you stopped listening to them! Here’s to a good school year for both of you! PS- Thanks for the share on your post the other day! ;o)

  3. September 12, 2013 at 11:53 am

    good luck to your son – we went from inclusion for K & 1, mainstream for 2 & 3 to contained in a private school for 4,5,6 — He just started 7th and there is just no comparison. The support – social, emotional, behavioral and academic – is beyond compare.

    • September 12, 2013 at 11:57 am

      We’re in a 12:1:1 setting in a public school, just starting 7th grade too, and the first week has been completely uneventful aside from the reeeaaaallly late bus pickup. But that’s for another post 🙂

      This last year has made me realize we should’ve gone contained a long time ago.

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